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Nov 14 2017

3 Ways to Improve Employee Health and Satisfaction in the Workplace

The workplace environment that your company establishes has a huge effect on your workers. In a report done by Bosti Associates — an organization that analyzes different workspaces in order to find effective business strategies — it was found that the workplace makes a 3-10% difference for individual performance, 6-15% difference for team performance, and an 8-32% difference in individual job satisfaction. Knowing this data, what are some ways that a company can create a more satisfying workplace for their employees?

Give Your Employees Control

Jennifer Veitch, senior research officer at the National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, conducted a study thatshowed when employees have control over their lighting in their own workspace, they become more upbeat, feel more committed to their employers, and improve their overall well-being.Advanced lighting controls are a wonderful way to provide this type of control to your employees, giving them a way to adjust the light as they see fit.

Let The Sunshine In

Remember earlier how it was mentioned that the workplace makes a big difference in individual job satisfaction and performance?Well it turns out that naturallight is the most wanted feature by employees in the workplace.

The UK Green Building Council is just one of many who have reported on this dire want by employees for natural light. These reports state that employees have improved sleep, concentration, creativity, and learning by utilizing natural lighting at their place of work.Utilizing adaylight harvesting system is an excellent way to work with natural light in your workspace. These systems use a sensor to quickly respond to the level of light coming in, thus adjusting the level of artificial light that must be produced inside. This also equates to savings for your company due to less energy being required to light your work space.

Beware of Glare

We’ve all been in this situation: You’re staring at your computer and all of a sudden the sun rises or sets and a glare with a menacing ferocity hits your eyes.This glare (and bright lights/flickering), while obviously annoying, can also induce migraines due to the boosting of certain chemical levels in the brain. So, as a company, how can you fix this?

For starters, the flicker is a problem traditionally found in fluorescents, a problem that modern LEDs do not have. The glare, however, can be found in some LEDs, but this issue can easily be avoided by making sure you get LEDs with a ‘low glare index’. Read here to find the best places for LED’s in your commercial office.

Advanced lighting controls are another way to battle glare through the actions of turning lights up, down, or off.

Making these adjustments takes little to no effort at all and can make monumental differences in your office. If your office isn’t already retrofitted for peak employee satisfaction, change it! A Verde energy efficiency expert would be happy to walk through your officefor free to show you all the ways your lighting can be updated to ensure optimal employee satisfaction and health.


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