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Financial Controller  

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Update Jan 7, 2018:  Verde recently hired a CFO, so the hiring of this position is on hold.  Please feel free to still submit resumes and apply, but there is no immediate plan to fill this role until after the CFO has gotten settled.  


Hey, thanks for your interest in Verde! Here you’ll find a team of deeply driven individuals who want to earn a living in pursuit of making the world a better place.

We are results driven and being a self starter is a must. Employees need to be able to make judgement calls and execute on ideas without consistent oversight. On the flip side of that coin, you have immense freedom to operate on your terms in whatever fashion you deem best to drive results. To succeed at our company, you will always be learning and trying new things, so expect to frequently leave your comfort zone and emerge more confident than you thought possible.


We’re looking for a strong, innovative financial controller to join our Operations team.  We want your hands confidently touching every aspect of the company’s operations to help foster a collaborative environment, form a dynamic team, and keep the day-to-day workload exciting and fluid.

The controller will supervise all aspects of cash flow, including accounts payable, invoicing, payroll, and inventory for a budgeted $6 million revenue startup in 2018.  From our innovative subscription payment method for our customers, to our importation of international products, the controller will support our growing operations with a focus on cash flow.  We also anticipate introducing solar panel installation for our commercial customers in 2018, and the controller will be essential in that new product execution. 

The idea candidate will have 3-5 years of experience as a controller, as well as ambition to passing CPA exam.  

If you’re someone who likes challenging themselves, accomplishing different sets of tasks each day, and working with a team in a fun environment, Verde might be a great fit for you