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Oct 03 2018

Sustainability Best Practices in Chicagoland

Energy Efficiency Services and Sustainability

Chicago is a leader in many things, and sustainability is one of them.

This season in the Verde Podcast, we are going to look deeper at the energy efficiency and sustainability practices at our larger institutions in Chicagoland.

sustainability best practices podcastChicago is an amazing city with civic leadership unsurpassed in the United States.  In fact, or city began as a small village with great civic leadership that dredged the canals and made our city a major port in 1800s.  That infrastructure lead to our train infrastructure, and eventually, our major airport infrastructure – which led toward Chicago being one of the top 3 largest cities in the United States.  

At this time in the United States, we lack leadership in our commitment to environmental action.  However, our local community has a broad depth of leadership, from our Universities to large corporations.  

This podcast season we will interview these leaders and hear their thoughts on 

  • energy efficiency 
  • renewable energy
  • recycling (the third rail of Chicago politics)
  • composting
  • public transportation
  • new building construction

Episode 1

Introduction to the season, and a recap of our first season

Episode 2

City Colleges of Chicago, John Brophy John discussed how the City Colleges of Chicago operates, and their initiatives around sustainability.  His biggest win was a recent fight (and win) to get part time students access to the UPASS (university CTA Pass).  

Episode 3

Loyola University Center for Social Enterprise, Seth Green In this episode, we explore the role that sustainability plays in attracting employees for future companies in Chicagoland.  We also look at the complexity of how traditional companies operate with a profit drive, and how new companies will need to look deeper to compete in our modern economy.

Episode 4

Northwestern University, Kat Benitez Kat serves as the Sustainability Director for Northwestern University, and has taken some major initiatives with support from the president of the University.  They have just commissioned their 3rd solar array, and plan on expanding those even further throughout the University buildings. 


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