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Apr 17 2018

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Park Ridge

About 30 minutes outside the office is Park Ridge, located in Cook County, where we went for our outreach week.  Being proud members of the Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce, we decided to to hit the streets of this great place to let business owners know about not only us, but about the energy efficiency program!  

We started our day at the Allegro Coffee that’s held within the Whole Foods.  There was ample seating for our team (a must when you have a 5-6 person team) and the natural lighting that came in through the huge windows made the area an ideal place to get together.  After the team was fully caffeinated and clear on the plan for the day, we went out in our teams throughout the town.

Both teams were able to meet and talk with a lot of the business owners about the energy efficiency program and the benefits (one guy told us he had just heard of the program last week and had wanted to look into it, what great timing!).  We were also happy to hear that a good amount of people had already heard of the program AND taken advantage of the incentive money.  When that is the case we like to ask business owners how they are liking the switch so far, is the light bright enough, and to hear any other comments they may have.  Constantly improving and learning is something we are a bit addicted to you might say.

The team was able to do some assessments at an auto shop, lawn care business, and many other businesses (we even poked our heads into the Park Ridge Public Works).  We covered a lot of ground, leaving us pretty hungry.  When lunchtime hit, we made our way over to Cafe Orchid for lunch.  Cafe Orchid offers a great selection of Mediterranean food at a more than reasonable price.  

The team hit the pavement for a few more hours, talking to owners of businesses big and small.  Being in the neighborhood, we stopped by one of our analyst’s first projects with Verde, that being the flower store Kiko’s Flowers and Gifts.  Walking in you immediately are greeted with the pleasant smell of fresh flowers (not to mention some great lighting as well) and kind, personable conversation from all who work there.  With time coming to a close for us on our outreach day, we said our goodbyes and made our way to our final destination for debrief: Harp & Fiddle.

Keeping with our tradition of tasty beers for our debriefings, we met at Harp & Fiddle to discuss the day.  With a wide variety of beers from all over, everyone was able to grab something they liked as we discussed outreach and ways to improve for next week.  The atmosphere was cozy and the space was perfect for our team meeting needs.  Will definitely stop back in when we return to Park Ridge!


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