Interior Lighting

Replacement or Retrofit of incandescent and fluorescent lighting to energy efficient LEDs improve lighting performance, save energy and provide a more comfortable environment.

Daylight and Occupancy Sensors

Installing LED lights are a must, both to save energy on the business and labor side. However, one new trick that really takes profitability to the next level are sensors that control both for daylight and occupancy.

Exterior Lighting

Replacement or Retrofit of high-intensity discharge bulb and ballasts to Energy Efficient LED solutions to reduce energy use but also provide incredible benefits such as safety and more.


The future of Solar is here and now is the time to act! Solar is the cleanest and the most abundant of energy sources available, and now going to be supported by incentives and rebates. There are so many benefits to going solar from the minimal impact on the environment to easy maintenance and more.


Many of our customers upgrade their HVAC rooftop units to Tier 2 energy efficient units. While the energy savings are significant, the main motivation is removing the expense and concern around older rooftop units. Brand new units come with the state of the art equipment, economizers, and are warranted. The best part for business owners – utility rebates can cover a portion of the cost, as much as 70% in Chicago land for small business classified customers.

Advanced Refrigeration Controls

Nothing keeps a restaurant owner up more at night than a failed Walk-in Cooler or Freezer, since so much of their ability to serve their customers are perishable and stored inside that unit. If you have walk-in coolers or freezers, let’s talk about how the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program just increased their incentives around EC Motors.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a great way to address a high electric bill, along with high gas bills. Not only do they out program programmable thermostats, but they also have motion sensors that detect movement to set back temperatures on days that you are not occupied.

Smart Power strips

Computers and their associated equipment have some exciting features these days – low energy usage sleep settings, as well as more energy-efficient screens. When you combine these with a smart power strip, one that cuts the power to accessory items when not in use, you can find a little more profit in your business with a pretty low-cost move.


Yes, a very low-cost item like weatherstripping can really impact your business’s bottom line. Reducing the energy usage in summer and winter not only makes your business more comfortable for your customers but also saves energy business costs and will lead to increased profitability.

Instant Discounts

The Instant Discounts program is designed to help commercial customers acquire discounted energy efficient projects without jumping through any hoops. This ComEd rebate comes directly off your invoice from the distributor – that’s it!