Exterior lighting was converted to 75 w LED, cooler and freezer T5 was converted to LED, interior kitchen and storage area was converted to 36 watt LED fixtures with advanced lighting controls, the play area was converted to LED fixtures, and 4 rooftop area HVAC units were converted to top of the line energy efficient units with economizers. In addition to the energy savings, this customer got brand new HVAC units with warranties on their entire rooftop HVAC system. In addition, their well tuned economizers will often bring in fresh air to cool their kitchen, instead of running their compressors and save significant energy.


This restaurant chain had the double combination of long hours and inefficient lighting. While it meant they had been spending a lot on electricity over the years, it also meant that they had significant opportunity to make energy use reductions and reduce their operating costs. At the time, we connected them with incentive programs from both CleaResult and ComEd, allowing us to make upgrades across many of their electrical systems. We addressed efficiency by installing LED lighting indoor and outdoor to cut electricity usage by 80%, smart thermostats to address heating/cooling during unoccupied times, and high efficiency fan motors and a control systems to prevent unnecessary operation. We think the results speak for themselves.


On December 27th 2017, Verde took on Verio Graphics’ warehouse. The multifaceted project had to meet the needs of Verio’s detail oriented service of wrapping vehicles.

Verio Graphics was in desperate need for

  • Lighting brighter than their old setup 
  • A bright, white color 
  • Lighting evenly spaced throughout their warehouse
  • No shadows
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • All of this needed to fit within their budget

The installers arrived at Verio ready to rock. Crew chief, Marcin quickly measured the warehouse and created a plan to evenly distribute the fixtures throughout the space, checking off a few of Verio’s “must needs.” Verde removed 15 old, inefficient fixtures, and installed 11 new Fluxsteam (equipped with automatic dimming features). The new 5000k Fluxsteam fixtures illuminated the warehouse, creating a brighter space than what was currently there, and thanks to the Verde install team the fixtures were positioned evenly throughout the warehouse, casting no shadows. The Fluxsteam fixtures were then programed to automatically dim when there is no activity occurring under neath them – bring on the energy savings!


Once a Chicago movie theater, Forbidden Root now stands as a beautiful botanic brewery and restaurant. Verde helped Forbidden Root become more energy efficient mid-December, 2017. We improved their lighting (interior, exterior and exit signs) and refrigeration, and installed many control measures such as smart powerstrips and occupancy sensors. In any commercial kitchen, a bright and well-lit kitchen is a safer kitchen. LEDs automatically are better suited than fluorescents to provide a better, more evenly distributed light. There are usually two options when it comes to increasing lighting energy efficiency: new fixtures or retrofits.


In April of 2018, Wheeling Fire Department made energy efficient upgrades and utilized grants available though ComEd’s Public Sector Small Facilities program.

We upgraded their apparatus bay and work rooms. Fire Departments consume a lot of energy due to the nature of them always being open and ready for calls.

  • Lighting brighter than their old setup 
  • A bright, white color 
  • Occupancy sensors to auto turn on/off lights in less frequently used rooms
  • Clear visibility of the apparatus  
  • Decreased energy consumption

Verde worked with Greystar management to find a significant amount of savings potential in their luxury apartment high rise, SoNo East. utilizing rebates available though Comed’s Standard Program as well as the Comed Instant Discount program.

Common areas were updated from T8s to TLEDs, but the biggest energy saver was swapping out 124 150W Metal Halides in their garage to LED flood lights.

  • Lighting brighter than their old setup 
  • A bright, white color 
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Brighter, more secure parking garages

Modern libraries such as Alsip-Merrionette Park know that an investment in lighting is investing in the overall experience of their facilities for patrons.  Verde Energy Efficiency Experts made recommendations and installed top of the line LED solutions in their space. In order to improve the functionality of the library, advanced lighting controls were installed to give visitors and library staff the optimal environment to read and work. 

The entryway, circulation and adult services area were updated with Philips EvoKits as well as LED strips and socket retrofits. We also upgraded their metal halide exterior lighting with energy efficient LEDs. Rebates through the Comed Standard program as well as Instant Discounts were applied to their project, cutting their out of pocket expenses.

  • A bright, white color 
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Fewer dark spots
  • Advanced lighting controls