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Sep 01 2019

Core Values – Energy Efficiency at Heart

We have worked hard at Verde Energy Efficiency Experts to make sure we understand and reflect our core values. Believing that these core values be public, so both our clients and partners know what to expect from working with us.

Curiously Exploring New Solutions

At Verde, our core is exploring new solutions. We look for the newest ways to save our clients energy, from the newest LED fixtures to the smartest new smart thermostat on the market.

Verde continues to innovate internally as well. We are constantly exploring new processes, such as our inventory system and light meter tools. While it can be tiring to keep on the hunt for new solutions, it is essential to be ahead of our competition and at the forefront of technology.

Eloquent Communication

We work to communicate in a way that our clients understand, while making sure we get our point across. Eloquent communication is not technical jargon that confuses a client, nor is it exact grammar.

We were born out of firefighters, and half of our installation team are firefighters. Our goal is to communicate eloquently what matters – why are we here, who we are, with honesty and integrity.

Humble and Gracious

We are grateful to work in the greatest City in the world – Chicago. Additionally, we are grateful that Chicago has a ton of neighborhoods, as well as suburbs and exurbs that are diverse and provide an intense opportunity to reduce energy.

We are grateful that the Illinois taxpayers have invested in an energy efficiency program – or we wouldn’t have jobs. We are also grateful that it is slightly complicated, creating the role of expertise that we fill.

Finally, we are grateful that there are businesses and organizations that want to do good by the environment. Working with Fire Stations and McDonalds franchise owners alike – it is incredibly exciting when you find a like minded organization that wants to invest in our offering.

Confident and Resilient

Verde attempts to communicate why businesses should put their precious resources into better products and technology. We are, unfortunately, swimming upstream most of the time. Refusing to back down from this challenge, we feel the consequences of us not doing our job are too great. The world, and its changing climate, needs companies like Verde to succeed.

We carefully look at a business or organization, listening to their hours of operation, goals, usage, and many other aspects that are unique to there building and occupants. While not perfect, we are careful and thoughtful – and confident in our recommendations.

Taking Pride in Our Work

In fact, we are so confident in our solutions that we offer a 3 year warranty on our installations, including the labor that goes with it.

We partner with brands like Signify (Philips), York, Carrier, and Ecobee and we use higher end products than most of our competition.

Not only are our products high quality, but so are the installers who put them in for us. While most energy efficiency companies use subcontracted labor – we have our own employees that are embedded into our organization. And these installers are a mix of Firefighters and Coyne graduates of the local electrical trade school – bringing you high quality installation in your space. In fact, our biggest source of clients is through referrals, a testimonial to our work.

Positive Contagious Energy

Form our newest analyst to our longest running installers, you’ll see a positive and contagious energy. Work is a job – and what we do is tough work. However, we believe in taking our day on with a good attitude, and that sharing that attitude with our colleagues makes our day better. It also spills over to our clients – making their experience with us better and stronger.

If you see us at an event or on a job site – we intend to share our positive energy with you. What you do with that is up to you.


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