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May 31 2019

Reducing Energy Costs & Waste for Restaurants

Running a restaurant presents endless challenges. In this business, there is a lot of cooking equipment that needs to be taken care of, ventilation systems, large refrigeration, and constantly wasted energy that needs to be contained on a daily basis. This means that energy costs tend to be really high.

For a restaurant to be efficient and profitable, it needs to find ways to control these costs. Learning to save energy can be difficult especially for those restaurant owners who don’t know much about these practices.

Here are some ways to do this:

Switch Your Lights

A lot of people today still use incandescent bulbs in their restaurants or at their homes. The reason behind this is quite simple – they’re quite cheap.

However, even though LED lights are more expensive, they save a lot of electric energy. On the other hand, they last far longer than incandescent light bulbs so when you think about the long term, they actually save you money while saving energy.

Clean Kitchen Ventilation Regularly

Kitchen ventilation is almost always on in restaurants and, after some time, vents stop working efficiently. This means that chefs and cooks in that kitchen will likely turn the air up even higher. This means that you will constantly be using electrical energy you don’t really have to use.

If you clean the kitchen ventilation on a regular basis, it will work efficiently and there will be no need for excessive consumption. Cluttered vents can use up to 60% more energy, so make sure to do this regularly.

Be Responsible

One of the best ways to save energy is simple. Be more cautious as an organization. A lot of restaurants constantly have appliances and fixtures working without any real need. Avoid doing this and you will be able to save significantly. Additionally, when you close up during the night, make sure that you turn off all of the electrical devices that are not 100% necessary.

Remind your employees to turn off all the lights. It might seem as nagging and annoying but trust us when we tell you that you can save a lot of energy this way.

Organize your Kitchen Properly

How your kitchen is organized and laid out matters. If you put an ice machine next to an oven, both of these machines will be less effective you will need more energy. Ensure that all of the cooling and heating equipment you have in your kitchen is separated properly.

On the other hand, consider all of the factors that will affect the work of these machines and their energy consumption. For example, if your ventilation isn’t placed properly above the cooking area, it won’t work as effectively. On the other hand, if your cooking area isn’t next to a wall, you are at risk of spreading smoke around.

These are some easy steps you can take towards preserving energy in your restaurant. If you really want to get to the bottom of this, reach out to Verde today!


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