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Jun 20 2019

Energy Consulting Firms – What Do They Do?

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of running a successful business and oftentimes business owners are left with so little information about it. This is where energy consulting firms, like Verde, come in, advertising that they can help businesses run an environmentally friendly and energy efficient operation.

But what is it that these firms do exactly? As an energy consulting firm with years of experience in identifying opportunities for companies to reduce energy consumption and save money, we’re here to provide you with the answers.

What is Energy Consulting Exactly?

Despite the scope of operations in one company, businesses still use a certain amount of electrical energy and generate some waste. Energy consulting encompasses all actions aimed toward identifying opportunities to reduce costs associated with energy consumption and waste generation.

However, it doesn’t end with identifying only. Energy consulting also includes finding and implementing solutions to minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint. The ultimate goal for an energy consultant is to reduce operational costs for a company and help it become more environmentally friendly.

Energy Consulting Firms Services

Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly business processes have become two very popular topics across all verticals. This is probably the main reason why people are looking into energy consulting firms more.

Simply put, energy consulting firms analyze energy consumption and carbon footprint for SMBs and enterprises, identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, and implement them on the spot.

The first thing an energy consulting firm will do once you contact them is to perform an energy efficiency assessment. This is an audit of sorts, that allows energy consulting firms to gauge your energy consumption practices, past electrical bills, and waste generation.

If we break down the services of an energy consulting firm, we will be able to see the different energy saving topics these firms address and the things they do to cut down expenses and improve energy efficiency.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Interior and exterior lighting solutions often cause huge energy consumption costs which significantly increase electrical bills. Energy consulting firms specialize in replacing and retrofitting obsolete lighting solutions with new LED lights.

Environmentally Friendly Power Sources

Since solar is the cleanest energy available, an energy consultant may advise you to go solar to reduce energy costs and become more environmentally friendly.

HVAC System Upgrade

Energy consultants will also inspect your current HVAC systems to assess their efficiency, but also to identify if they have up-to-date technologies and parts. If necessary, you will get a recommendation to upgrade your HVAC unit to a more energy efficient one.


Regulating the temperature in your office building, warehouse, or your retail shop comes at a price. Fortunately, energy consults will help you benefit from brand new smart thermostats to reduce your cooling and heating bills.

Doors and Windows Insulation

The insulation on your doors and windows deteriorates over time, causing the outside air to come inside and overwork your cooling or heating systems. If this is the case in your building, an energy consultant will recommend weather-stripping to help you restore insulation and minimize energy waste.

Solar PV

Almost every business and homeowner is curious about solar PV these days. An energy consultant can help navigate this complicated space, to see what options exist for your building roof and property.

Do You Need an Energy Consultant?

The best way to assess whether you need an energy consultant is to take a look at your energy bills. If you’re under the impression that they’re too high, you should request an energy assessment today.  

On the other hand, if you want to optimize your energy consumption and run an environmentally friendly operation, you can also benefit from cooperating with an energy consulting firm such as Verde.

For help from the experts, reach out to Verde today!


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