Energy Efficiency Makes Us Hoppy

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Apr 04 2018

Beer can be pretty energy intensive. Lifting a 16 ounce glass repeatedly…bicep really feels the burn, amiright…

No but really kids – tons of energy input to create that delicious beverage that we love so much. We got two categories – thermal energy and electrical energy. According to the EPA and the Brewers Association, “Thermal sources average 70% of the energy consumed in the brewery…but only accounts for 30% of the actual energy cost.” (Read more of that here)

Energy Consumption in Breweries

That means the remaining 70% of the cost of producing yummy fizzy goodness can be mitigated. Hooray!

There are some insane opportunities out there to drastically reduce the energy used to power things like the walk-in cooler where they store the silver vessels of golden goodness. Easy peasy with some super cool EC motors with Evaporative controls. Walk-in cooler (and freezer) strip curtains are also available through the energy efficiency programs and can save up to 2974 kilowatts per hour annually. In normal person terms, that’s about 2,974,000 watts or picture 49,567 light bulbs that are in 60w incandescents – which, of course, we can’t condone. (330,444 LED bulbs but that’s just an insane amount bulbs to imagine.)

Other than the chilly place the kegs live, there is a lot more savings to be had in replacing older lighting with new efficient LED lighting, installing occupancy sensors and much much more.


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