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Erick Gonzalez

Hello, my name is Erick! A Chicagoland resident, born and raised on the West side of Chicago
(Humboldt Park). I lived for a time in Virginia where I’ve had personal experiences with nature, it’s fruits
and the sustainability aspects which in turn is a benefit for our planet. Virginia is very rich with
vegetation; woods and greenery seem to go on forever. Especially, if you’re standing atop the
Shenandoah Mountain side, green lapsed with the dew of the morning sun to give such awe inspiring
visual to the countryside, nothing can compare to its beauty. That’s where my passion for sustainability
stems from, I love the artworks and masterpieces our planet has shown me and has yet to express.
Reducing consumption of energy, fossil fuels and finding new innovations to living our daily lives can
help our planet stay as green and blue and beautiful as possible for generations to come. So even they
can enjoy the fruits of our planet and the hidden beauties not even a camera has yet to capture.

A little bit about myself: I am a doggie daddy to a wonderful and energetic Pembroke Welsh
Corgi named Jinjer (named after the rock band if you know it!). I enjoy longboarding. painting, reading
(hard backs and manga) and watching my favorite anime’s and, of course, playing video games in my free
time! I’ve studied at many colleges and have now finally decided to pursue my B.A. in Psychology. Verde
has shown me many opportunities and still there are so many paths left to be discovered. I’ll stay
vigilantly waiting for the next great opportunity Verde has yet show me.


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