George DemosApprentice Electrician

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George Demos

George came to the United States when he was 10 years old from Australia. He has one sister that currently lives in Australia. George grew up in Rogers Park and went to Sullivant High School. He studied at Harper College and currently has a wife and two sons (one of which still lives with him in Glenview).

George worked as a trade carpenter for 30 years before coming to Verde in 2018. He loves watching sports and playing golf. He has a lake house in Michigan and enjoys going there with family and friends.

George says, “Verde is the first company that I ever worked for that I actually enjoy coming to work every day. It’s a pleasure working with everyone. It’s amazing how much improvement the young installers make day to day. The work that we do for our customers, saving energy and helping the environment, is very gratifying. It would be helpful if every business made the effort to help our planet.”

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