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Apr 29 2020

Keeping our Partners and Employees Safe During #Coronavirus

What we are doing to keep our employees and partners safe during the COVID-19 pandemic:  

Limited Onsite Exposure

All of our office staff, including our energy efficiency analysts, are taking the necessary measures to limit contact by working remotely. We have adjusted our office workflow to be done online so that we could continue to support our installation team and to provide excellent services to our partners while also practicing self-isolation. 

To limit exposure within our own team members, we have split up our 13 installers into 3 distinct teams that do not overlap. This means that each team of 4 or 5 will not be exposed to other crew members in the situation that there may be an installer who tested positive or had exposure to COVID-19. 

Paid Quarantine for Employees

In the case where a crew member is exposed to COVID-19, we are requiring crew members to remain in self-quarantine for 14 days with pay. Recently, a crew member was exposed to a family member who had tested positively, and we mandated that all team members who were in contact with that member be in self-isolation for 14 days. They received pay during that quarantine time.

Masks, Gloves and Disinfection

To combat exposure to not only our installers but also our partners, our installation crew is practicing safety and precaution by wearing masks and gloves on-site. We also practice social distancing and reduce contact on-site during installation, wherever possible.

Utilizing safe sanitation and disinfecting practices is something that we take very seriously. During installations, our crew members are committed to disinfecting as often as possible. We purchase our disinfectant from Koval – a local distillery around the corner from our offices. This not only helps to keep our installers and partners safe, but we are also supporting local Chicago businesses.

Delayed Queue For Installations

In order to protect the people who have the highest risk, we are not performing installs in facilities such as fire stations, child care centers that are open, and elderly care facilities. 

Pre and Post Inspections

We will continue to complete our pre-inspection process and have added a post-inspection process, as we want to ensure that our services are at the highest possible quality. However, the members who are involved with the pre and post inspection do not overlap with anyone else in our team to avoid points of contamination between installation teams.

Warehouse Activities

In order to limit exposure in our warehouse, only one team is allowed to enter at a time. We also have dedicated “bays” for each team that has all of their products for job sites to further eliminate cross contamination.

Daily Huddles for Improvement

We are continuously striving to improve and offer better solutions that will help keep our employees and partners safe during this time. We are constantly receiving feedback from our clients and installers to see what we can do better to make each installation safer and more efficient. 

Verde is able to remain open and operating because we are considered an essential service as an electrical subcontractor and an electrical contractor. Ethically, we have struggled with how Verde should proceed with installations as we are potentially putting our employees’ and partners’ health at risk. However, with our current COVID-19 guideline to help keep employees and partners safe, we are confident that we will be able to keep our commitment to our clients and complete important work we do which is to provide the best energy efficiency. Verde will continue to stick to its Core Values by remaining gracious, humble, positive, proud, and resilient even during these times.


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