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Welcome to the Verde Energy Efficiency Experts Q&A! Verde is a team of experienced professionals committed to helping businesses become more energy efficient. Verde experts provide tips and best practices for companies to save energy and money and advice on building energy efficiency projects. Learn more about Verde’s services, the benefits of energy efficiency for businesses, and some of Verde’s most commonly asked questions. Let’s get started!

1. What is the best way to improve energy efficiency in a commercial building?

The best way to improve energy efficiency in a commercial building is by installing energy-efficient systems and equipment. Examples include LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, intelligent thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances. Verde can help you develop an energy efficiency strategy tailored to your needs. Verde experts will assess the existing systems and equipment in your building, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to maximize energy efficiency.

2. How can businesses reduce their overall energy consumption?

Businesses can reduce their energy consumption through a variety of methods. Verde experts recommend companies start by evaluating existing processes and systems to identify areas of inefficiency. Verde can help you develop an energy efficiency strategy tailored to the specific needs of your business, including installing efficient systems and equipment, improving operational practices, and taking advantage of available incentive programs.

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3. What are the benefits of energy efficiency for businesses?

The primary benefit of improving energy efficiency is reduced operating costs. Businesses can save money on utility bills by lowering energy-consuming systems and equipment usage. Additionally, Verde’s energy efficiency solutions can help companies to improve their bottom line by reducing maintenance costs.

4. Which areas should be prioritized for energy efficiency?

The Verde team recommends focusing on areas that consume the most energy, such as lighting, heating and cooling systems, motors, and other mechanical systems. Verde experts can help you assess existing equipment and develop an energy efficiency plan tailored to your needs. Verde can also advise on making the most of available incentive programs.


5. What are the most common energy-saving technologies used in commercial buildings today?

The Verde team recommends businesses consider LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, intelligent thermostats, energy-efficient appliances, and more. Verde experts can help you identify the most cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Verde can also guide structuring projects to take advantage of available incentive programs.

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6. How can businesses benefit from installing solar panels on their buildings?

Installing solar panels on your commercial building can be an excellent way to reduce energy costs. Verde’s team of experts can help you assess the potential savings, identify available incentives, and find partnerships for installation. Solar panel systems can provide clean energy free from the grid, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Verde experts are here to help you make the most of solar energy.

7. What steps should be taken to ensure the efficient use of lighting in a commercial building?

Verde Energy Efficiency Experts recommend taking the following steps to ensure efficient use of lighting in a commercial building:

Install motion sensors or timers on all lights, as these can help reduce energy consumption by automatically turning them off when not in use.

Utilize daylight harvesting – using high-efficiency windows, skylights, and automated lighting controls to take advantage of natural light during the day.

Install LED lights – these are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last much longer with minimal maintenance.

Upgrade the lighting system with efficient controls such as dimming, occupancy sensors, and timers which can help reduce energy consumption.

Utilize Design Light Consortium and Energy Star-qualified fixtures or lamps – designed to use less energy than traditional lighting products and generate less heat.

Utilize task lighting where needed – installing focused light in areas that need it most, like workstations or meeting spaces.

Select light fixtures with high-efficiency ratings – look for Energy Star-certified products or have been given an efficient lighting certification from Verde Energy Efficiency Experts.

Consider occupancy sensors – these devices can help measure the number of people in a room and adjust the lighting accordingly.

Perform regular lighting maintenance to help keep systems running efficiently and reduce energy consumption.

Implement an employee education program – educating employees on efficient lighting practices can help reduce energy use even further.

Verde Energy Efficiency Experts can ensure that commercial buildings use their lighting efficiently and responsibly by following these steps.

8. How can air conditioning systems be optimized for energy efficiency?

Verde Energy Efficiency Experts recommend the following steps for optimizing air conditioning systems for energy efficiency:

Install a programmable or smart thermostat – this will help you control the temperature settings in your building and reduce energy costs by adjusting cooling levels when needed.

Utilize zoning – instead of cooling all of your building at once, you can set the temperature for specific areas to be higher or lower, depending on their usage.

Upgrade to a more efficient system. Verde experts can help recommend an AC system that is right for your business and provide assistance with installation, either a similar system with a higher SEER rating or redesigned air source heat pump system.

Install fresh air systems – this will allow natural air to reduce the amount of energy used for cooling.  Energy recovery ventilators can also recover energy from the building and transfer it to incoming air.

Utilize ventilation – Verde experts can assess your building and recommend proper exhaust and supply systems to ensure adequate air circulation.

Use ceiling fans to help circulate air – this will help make rooms feel cooler without using as much energy.

Regularly clean and maintain the system – Verde experts can help ensure your AC system runs efficiently.   A dirty air filter can reduce the operational efficiency of a system.

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9. How can Verde Energy Efficiency Experts help reduce water consumption in a commercial building?

Verde Energy Efficiency Experts can help reduce water consumption in a commercial building by advising on how to use water most efficiently. Verde experts can recommend installing low-flow fixtures, such as toilets, shower heads, and faucets, that use significantly less water than standard fixtures. Verde experts can also suggest using rainwater collection systems, such as rain barrels, to capture and store rainwater for use in outdoor activities. Verde experts can also recommend landscaping strategies that maximize water efficiency and reduce water consumption. Verde Energy Efficiency Experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your commercial building uses water resources efficiently.

10. What renewable energy sources are best suited for commercial buildings?

Verde Energy Efficiency Experts can help determine what renewable energy sources best suit your commercial building. Verde experts typically recommend solar for onsite and wind power for purchasing agreements, as these are two of the most common renewable energy sources. Verde experts can help assess your building’s roof or other feasible space to install solar panels or turbines. Verde experts can help you understand renewable energy’s financial and environmental benefits. Verde Energy Efficiency Experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your commercial building uses renewable energy sources responsibly.

11. How can I make my parking lot more efficient?

The parking lot is an essential part of any business. To keep it running smoothly and efficiently, a  few simple steps can be taken to make it more energy efficient. First, install motion-sensing lights to reduce energy use when the lot is unoccupied. Secondly, install solar panels to take advantage of free renewable energy from the sun. Thirdly, consider adding car charging stations for electric vehicles to reduce emissions from gasoline-powered cars. Finally, invest in high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures to provide bright illumination while consuming less electricity than traditional bulbs. By following these tips, businesses can reduce their environmental footprint while saving money on their energy bills.

12. How can I make my commercial kitchen more efficient?

A commercial kitchen can be made more energy efficient by making simple changes. First, changing the lighting to LED fixtures can significantly reduce energy consumption and save money in the long run. Kitchen equipment such as ovens, freezers, and refrigerators should also be replaced with Energy Star-rated models to ensure maximum efficiency. Utilizing Smart thermostats can help regulate temperatures and instantly adjust settings when needed. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning of any kitchen equipment are recommended to ensure it runs at peak efficiency. Finally, investing in insulated kitchenware will reduce heat loss from food preparation activities and help keep energy costs low. With these steps, any commercial kitchen can become more energy efficient and lower its carbon footprint.

13. How can I make my rooftop HVAC system more energy efficient?

Rooftop HVAC systems are becoming increasingly popular as buildings look to reduce their energy consumption. As technology advances, it is possible to make rooftop HVAC systems more efficient through various measures. It is possible to improve their energy efficiency by installing insulation on the roof, utilizing variable speed drives for fans and pumps, upgrading air filters for better air quality, and using thermostats that can be programmed for different times of the day. Additionally, regularly performing preventive maintenance on the system will help it run more efficiently and prevent costly repairs or replacements. Buildings can also use renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines to reduce reliance on traditional electricity sources. Finally, implementing an energy management system can help monitor energy usage and identify areas where further improvements can be made to increase overall efficiency.

14. How can an EV charging system be installed in a parking lot?

Installing an EV charging system in a parking lot requires careful planning and preparation. First, you must determine the number of charging stations you will need based on the number of electric vehicles using the lot. Second, you must ensure that the power grid can supply enough electricity to meet the demand for multiple charging stations. Third, choosing a reliable installation contractor who can provide professional installation services and troubleshooting assistance when needed is essential. Lastly, ensure the parking lot has adequate space for the charging stations and vehicles awaiting charge. Considering all these considerations, you can confidently install an efficient and reliable EV charging system in your parking lot with Verde as your partner.

15. What is a Comed Service Provider?

A ComEd Service Provider is an energy efficiency expert who works in partnership with the utility company, ComEd, to provide advice and support on how to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency. They offer a wide range of services, including home energy audits, installation of energy efficiency products, incentive programs like rebates and discounts, and guidance on financing energy efficiency projects. Verde Energy Efficiency Experts, a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider, offers assistance to customers in helping them identify energy-saving opportunities and develop a customized plan to reduce their energy consumption costs. With their help and the resources offered by ComEd, businesses can save money and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

16. How to get free stuff from ComEd?

ComEd offers various incentives and programs to customers interested in saving energy. The best way to take advantage of these offerings is to visit their website and fill out an application for any incentive or program that interests you. ComEd also provides free energy audits for eligible customers, helping them find ways to save energy and money. Verde Energy Efficiency Experts, a ComEd Service Provider, offers free advice and assistance to customers looking to save energy. Verde can also help identify potential rebates and discounts from ComEd. Finally, check out the ComEd Marketplace for special offers and deals on energy-saving products. By taking advantage of these programs and incentives, you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

17. What is ComEd energy efficiency Program?

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is a comprehensive program dedicated to helping customers save energy and money. This program offers various incentives, rebates, and discounts for those who complete energy efficiency projects like installing insulation or upgrading air filters. Verde Energy Efficiency Experts, a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider, can also assist with identifying and applying for these incentive programs and offering expert advice on saving energy and money. Verde can walk customers through the steps of a home energy audit, helping them evaluate their current energy usage and identify areas where improvements can be made. With Verde’s help, customers will get the most out of ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Program and save even more on energy costs.



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