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For many people the idea of harnessing the power of the sun through solar panels seems out of reach and something that only businesses operating on a large scale can afford to install or profit from. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, in the past decade improved Photovoltaic (PV) technology combined with increased demand for solar energy, has helped drive down the costs of solar cells. As a result, solar has become increasingly scalable and can offer savings for owners ranging from small residential properties to big business.

Moreover, the long-term savings associated with installing solar go far beyond simply reducing your energy bills. Incentives, including Solar Renewable Energy Credits, Utility Smart Inverter Rebates and even Federal Tax Credits, make investing in solar an even sweeter deal.

If you think that all sounds great but confusing, that’s because it is. Here at Verde we are not only experienced in installing solar, but also in helping you understand how it can save you money long-term.

Assessing Your Solar Energy Potential

When it comes to energy saving initiatives, solar is not always the first considered option. You may have already made savings by upgrading your lighting or HVAC systems and you are looking to go one step further, but don’t understand the full cost saving implications of going solar. This is why Verde offers a free assessment to help put all the facts on paper. We come to you and provide a full report on your current energy consumption and even project how your savings could add up by utilizing solar.

Energy Savings from Solar Panel Installation

If you own a residential home or commercial property that you intend to stay in for the next 5-10 years, then you may consider installing solar panels. The longer your time in the property, the better your return on investment.

Businesses, often with larger properties and more space, can start to see returns on investment in as little as 2.5 to 7 years. Commercial flat roofs, ideally no more than two years old, provide excellent surface area for installing solar panels. The addition of ballasted (or weighted) solar panels, means that they won’t be blown away in a gust of wind, but also don’t require the creation of penetration points in your new roof.

Financing, Grants and Incentives for Solar Energy in Illinois

Incentives and financing are the most complex part of investing in solar, but also where many savings are to be found. For example, there is currently a federal tax credit in place until the end of 2019 that covers 30% of the overall cost for installing solar. This is set to decrease to 26% in 2020 and to 10% in 2022.

Other incentives include Utility Smart Inverter Rebates or Solar Renewable Energy Credits, both of which are nuanced programs, but generally speaking equate to receiving money back from utility companies such as ComEd and Ameren.

Helping Owners Navigate Through Solar Energy Opportunities

Overall, solar incentives are complicated and at Verde we know that each of our clients’ have unique requirements. This is why we recommend our personalized service where we take the mystery out of the financials and create tailored solutions for your needs.

How it all works

Call in the pros.

Give us a call, and we’ll come take a look around – no fees, no commitments. Within a week or so, we’ll give you a custom, detailed report of where you can decrease your energy costs and how much you can expect to save.


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Our Energy Efficiency Professionals do the necessary swaps, tweaks, and in some cases, complete overhauls to bring your costs way down and your savings way up. We know how to save you money – and we know what it takes to make the most of all of those energy rebate programs. In fact, we guarantee that no one can find more rebates off your project than Verde.


We’ve got your back.

If a bulb burns out or an issue occurs, call us. We’ll make it right.



The bean counters on your team will be jumping for joy from the unexpected savings and your team’s Earth lovers will be singing your praises in no time. That’s because Verde’s solutions are just as good for your bottom line as they are for the Earth.


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