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Sep 22 2017

Sustainability is the New Black

Sustainability is the new black a phrase I’ve heard from multiple friends and classmates over the past few years. The word ‘sustainability’ has become a major buzz word in many different realms- political, corporate, and even individual. But what does the word really mean?

Contrary to popular belief, which is mostly what sustainability is portrayed as in the media, the word isn’t mutually exclusive to the environment. The one major theme each of my sustainability courses throughout college and graduate school shared was this: sustainability doesn’t just encompass the environment, it also has social and economical dimensions as well (mic drop!). These three realms work together to keep every aspect of businesses and life growing and prospering. Without one aspect, the other two will flounder.

For any business owner, this can a lot to think about, on top of the many day-to-day issues and obstacles every business owner already faces. The idea of sustainability in all its glory can be intimidating- where does one start? This is where Verde comes in. From our energy efficiency analysts to our operations team to our installation crew, we’re experts at taking whats existing, tweaking it a bit, and making businesses and lifestyles as a whole more sustainable.

The updates Verde makes to a business, whether it be new freezer motors, LED lighting, or an HVAC unit, always encompass every dimension of sustainability. By installing new, more efficient measures, it’s obvious that energy is being saved. This makes a business more environmentally sustainable. Less kWh are being used every minute, which in turn also saves money on the business’s monthly energy bills. This is where the economic dimension comes in to play. With less money being used towards energy, and more money being available for other areas of the business, social sustainability starts to prosper. Owners are able to put more money into aspects of the business they’ve never been able to before, most likely benefiting the people involved, both employees and customers. On top of this, the solutions we install tend to make for a more inviting work environment. Whether it be a new HVAC unit that keeps the business at the most comfortable temperature for customers and employees, or the new lighting that makes it easier to work and showcase products- the people involved with our projects are only happier when we’re done. This is where the social aspect comes into play for Verde, which is what our staff thrives off.

The next time you make an energy efficiency lifestyle change, ask yourself how your actions are affecting all three dimensions of sustainability. You’ll be amazed to see how closely they work, and how much they rely on each other. You’ll also feel even more pride in your positive actions.


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