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Dec 19 2018

The Light the Way Grant Program

When it comes to non-profits, operational costs can really affect a bottom line. and in turn, program funding. Running brick and mortar establishment adds up, but also an absolute must for many organizations making a big impact in the Chicagoland area.  Food pantries, shelters, warehouses, and offices are just a few examples of opportunities for energy reduction. Charities need to worry about keeping the lights on and also keeping their programs funded. Verde Energy Efficiency Experts is proud to present the Light the Way grant, which is intended to help organizations large and small with their energy efficiency projects.

In order to be considered for the grant, an assessment of the facility must be completed with Verde, in order to identify energy-saving measures. Once the assessment is complete, a comprehensive report will be provided in order for decision makers to review our cost-saving recommendations.

We’ll look from floor to roof to see if your organization might benefit from measures such as LED retrofits,  advanced lighting controls, smart thermostats, HVAC, commercial refrigeration solutions and more.

We not only make the recommendations,  but we install the solutions ourselves and stand by our work with a three-year warranty, assuring that we have your back, even if a bulb goes out.

After install, you can enjoy the benefits of a more welcoming, comfortable and functional environment that is also sustainable, energy efficient and financially sound.  We want to help Chicagoland organizations stop worrying about keeping the lights on and save their energy and money to furthering their missions.

Know a worthy organization that could stand to benefit from the gift of energy efficiency and lower their operational costs?





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