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LED Wall Packs for Fire Stations

Why the Jarvis LED Wall Pack

Jarvis LED Lighting Products have a 10 year warranty, and is a great application for fire stations.

Jarvis LED Lighting is a product that Verde has reliably installed for years.  Manufactured in Schaumburg Illinois, it is attractive to Illinois firefighter who desire to keep things local.

Jarvis AL Exterior LED

Flex Pack

AL Series – Flex Design

We have found the AL series to be a great application for fire stations, mainly based on the design.  The FlexPack design allows the base (a slight triangle shape) to be installed up or down.  This enables the light to either wall wash, or forward throw.

Most fire stations prefer the light to forward throw for safety and security.  However, since they are close to residential neighbors, they may get complaints.

We have installed this product in forward throw, casting light out into the parking area and surrounding area.  When we have had issues with complaints, we can just switch the base (and not the product replacement often needed) and solve the problem.

The flexibility is great, and the local manufacturing meets the desires of fire chiefs and boards in Illinois.

low income energy efficiency

Aluminum Housing

AL Series  – Aluminum Housing

The aluminum housing of the Jarvis AL series makes it built to last.  Fire fighter have better things to do with their time (training, saving lives, cooking Chili) than maintaining lights. When combined with the long lasting LED light, as well as the well-built aluminum housing, the Jarvis LED Wall Pack will still be working when new hired firefighters retire in 30 years.

Made in Illinois Bonus

Did you know that you can get a 10% bonus on your incentive when it is "made in Illinois". This bonus works on all Jarvis LED products, including the LED Wall Pack.

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