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Energy Efficiency Analyst

Hey, thanks for your interest in Verde! Here you’ll find a team of deeply driven individuals who want to earn a living in pursuit of making the world a better place.

Update:  Jan 9, 2018.  We currently hired two analyst that are starting with us this month.  We will continue to accept resumes, although no hiring will likely take place for the next few months.  

We are results driven and being a self starter is a must. Employees need to be able to make judgement calls and execute on ideas without consistent oversight. On the flip side of that coin, you have immense freedom to operate on your terms in whatever fashion you deem best to drive results. To succeed at our company, you will always be learning and trying new things, so expect to frequently leave your comfort zone and emerge more confident than you thought possible.

Our analysts balance field work and office work.

In the field, you will:

  • Audit our customers’ energy usage in facilities ranging from retail donut shops to large scale manufacturing facilities
  • Interface directly with our customers to better understand their energy needs
  • Build rapport and establish expertise within the industry.

In the office, you will:

  • “Run the numbers” and compile a report that evaluates and weighs energy saving potential against economic feasibility.
  • Communicate directly with customers to explain your findings and make recommendations.

Overall, this role goes beyond the typical desk job of an analyst, allowing you to engage with decision makers and give a voice to your findings.

If this sounds like the place for you, please apply below, and let us know what you love to do and why the job excites you. You can reach us for any questions at