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Installing EV Car Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles, or EV cars, are dominating car sales these days.  While most folks are installing their cars at home, there is a growing demand for charging stations in public and work environments.

Public libraries, fire stations, police stations, and fast food restaurants are just a few of the many public spaces that benefit from the addition of EV car charging stations in their public parking lots.  In addition, multifamily parking lots for apartment buildings and condos will increasingly see demand for these systems and the percentage of tenants with these vehicles increases.

If you are thinking – why would anyone want to drive an EV?  You likely haven’t driven one, as they are incredibly fun to drive and responsive.

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Installing Charging Stations in a Public Area

Public Car charging stations can drive huge benefits, pun intended. Not only cash value to the public entity or business, but a higher perceived value from the public and employees.  It is an investment that can not only pay for itself, but also really attract and retain people.

Attracting Paying Customers

You can use an EV charging station to attract paying customers, such as those that are passing through and are willing to spend money while their car charges or just customers that are increasingly picking retail that has EV charging available.

Retaining Loyal Employees

While most EV charging stations at work have been for the owners, an increasing amount of employees will value this and it will help retain employees.  In addition, as we see more commercial fleets go toward EV or PHEV, this will drive the demand for charging stations.

Additional Income

An increasing amount of individuals own EV cars but lack a dedicated place to charge at home or at work.  Offering up a charger to collect revenue can be meaningful, or at least drive the decision to invest in a charger to a net positive value.

We install a charger that enables the EV Match software system, enabling a combination of free and charged charging, allowing the owner to get a premium on the energy that public uses to charge their vehicle.

Ways to Charge

There are a growing amount of incentives available for EV in 2020 and 2021 in Illinois. For businesses, this capital improvement can be depreciated or expensed. Additionally, the federal government allows 30% credit toward the expense of a new EV car charging station.

State and Federal Help

In addition to grants, there are federal and state incentives, as well as municipal level support, for this growing industry. Illinois currently has a tax credit toward 50% of the installation costs, which can range from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the complexity.

How it all works

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