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decarbonizing buildings in Chicago
Mar 24 2023

Grant and Federal Funding for Decarbonization

What is Decarbonization? Decarbonization is a hot buzzword these days. But what does it really mean? In its most simplest terms, the reduction of carbon. When it comes to our built environment, it refers to…

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EV Charging
Jun 12 2022

All Charged Up for EV Cars

A lot has changed in just the past few months around EV (electric vehicle) car charging, so it makes for a great topic for our November newsletter. The recent passage of Illinois legislation in September…

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Heating and cooling for energy efficiency
Jun 11 2022

Heating and Cooling Equipment – Deep Dive into Energy Efficiency

The biggest power draw in any building is heating and cooling - so any conversation around saving energy and costs must include those two big aspects of energy usage. We will take a deeper look…

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Recycling and waste at Verde
Jun 09 2022

Recycling and Waste

At the heart of our organization, Verde is committed to environmental protection. That is who we are, and what we do. For over a decade, we have been recommending and implementing energy efficiency measures for…

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solar CEJA Illinois
Oct 25 2021

CEJA Law Passes in Illinois

September 2021  Illinois had some exciting legislation passed last month. CEJA, or the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, will stabilize our solar PV (photovoltaic) market in Illinois and provide essential funding for EV Car Charging Stations. Illinois…

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inflation and energy costs
Sep 03 2021

Inflation – How does it impact investments in Sustainability and should it change our strategy?

Back when I was a firefighter, I was incredibly lucky to study Economics and Environmental Policy at the University of Chicago in a graduate degree.  In fact, much of my business is centered around a…

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Night and security led
Mar 15 2021

LED and Fluorescent Emergency Ballast

As we continue to replace older lighting to LED, it is important to understand building and life safety code as we retrofit old lights to more modern systems. Emergency ballasts are one of the most…

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apparatus bay energy efficiency
Mar 15 2021

Energy Savings Formula

In 2002, I became a firefighter in the north suburbs of Chicago.  I was young and idealistic - loving almost every part of the job. However, I had another secret passion - sustainability.   In addition…

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dragon boat race
Dec 22 2020

I Intend to Create Change in 2021

Creating an organization is very difficult work, but there are tools to make it easier. Growing from a single person that did everything (screwed in the lightbulbs, processed utility paperwork, created invoices and sales) to…

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led controlled lighting
Nov 30 2020

Photocells for LED Lights

Daylight harvesting and Photocell controls have a huge benefit for building and lighting controls, but do you know the difference between these two common energy efficiency terms? Photocells Photocells have been around for a long…

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greenheck exhaust fans
Nov 23 2020

2021 Comed Rebates for Fast Food Restaurants

2021 will be an exciting year for the overall Comed Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives.  While 2020 was rough on the economy as a whole, the incentive program is tax funded through a line item…

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sustainable images for grocery stores
Nov 22 2020

Convert Fluorescent with Ballasts to LED with Drivers

Most lighting and lamps for commercial and municipal buildings over the past 50 years have been fluorescent lighting.  New construction is entirely made of LED, which lasts longer and is more efficient. However, converting or…

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