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Jun 10 2019

A Guide to Reducing Energy Costs & Waste for Warehouses

Warehouses provide versatile opportunities for energy-efficient solutions. Since these buildings are often quite large, regulating air temperature and humidity around the clock can result in enormous electrical bills. Not to mention the costs of staying…

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May 31 2019

Reducing Energy Costs & Waste for Restaurants

Running a restaurant presents endless challenges. In this business, there is a lot of cooking equipment that needs to be taken care of, ventilation systems, large refrigeration, and constantly wasted energy that needs to be…

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May 28 2019

What You Need to Know About Retrofitting Recessed Can Lights

Recessed can lights are a stylish addition to any modern home. They’re elegant, clean, and the variety of designs they come in are suitable for anyone’s taste. However, if you want to install retrofit recessed…

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May 27 2019

Signs Your Restaurant Needs to Replace Its Rooftop Unit HVAC

The life expectancy of a rooftop unit (also known as RTU) HVAC system can be anywhere from 10 to 30 years, and it goes without saying that a well-maintained unit will last longer than a…

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May 21 2019

Why Use LED Lights for Parking Lot Lighting?

If you own or manage a parking lot that’s not properly lit, you’re risking not only wasting your time and money, but you also risk jeopardizing the financial and physical safety of the people who…

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May 13 2019

Why We Believe in Being an L3C Company

Social Enterprise is when mission and profitability get combined.  There are lots of types of entities that meet this generalization, including B-Corp, Benefit Corporations and L3Cs.  These companies are nuanced slightly differently, with Warby Parker…

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May 02 2019

Verde Energy Efficiency Experts top 10 most sustainable companies in 2019

In our business, we constantly look for inspiration from local companies that lead and innovate in sustainability.  Not all companies have billion dollar budgets, but that doesn’t mean that small companies can’t steal their innovative…

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Apr 25 2019

Business Lighting Costs and How to Reduce Them

If you run a business, you might find the cost of keeping the lights on to be incredibly high. It might surprise you to know that todays costs are incredibly inexpensive compared to historical data.…

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Dec 19 2018

The Light the Way Energy Efficiency Grant Program

When it comes to non-profits, operational costs can really affect a bottom line. and in turn, program funding. Running brick and mortar establishment adds up, but also an absolute must for many organizations making a…

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Nov 01 2018

To Bid or Not to Bid – Energy Efficiency Bidding

In energy efficiency bidding, quality is everything in the public sector. Bidding can help or kill a project, and with 1,299 municipalities, and nearly 7,000 governing bodies, there are a lot of different decision making…

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Oct 03 2018

Sustainability Best Practices in Chicagoland

Energy Efficiency Services and Sustainability Chicago is a leader in many things, and sustainability is one of them. This season in the Verde Podcast, we are going to look deeper at the energy efficiency and…

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Oct 03 2018

Smart Thermostats in 2018

Smart Thermostats are...well, Smart Your complete guide to Smart Thermostats for both Commercial and Residential applications in 2018 There is no doubt that smart thermostats save energy, or this article would be about a cool…

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