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Oct 03 2018

Sustainability Best Practices in Chicagoland

Energy Efficiency Services and Sustainability Chicago is a leader in many things, and sustainability is one of them. This season in the Verde Podcast, we are going to look deeper at the energy efficiency and…

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smart thermostats in 2020
Oct 03 2018

Smart Thermostats in 2020

Smart Thermostats are...well, Smart Your complete guide to Smart Thermostats for both Commercial and Residential applications in 2020 There is no doubt that smart thermostats save energy, or this article would be about a cool…

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Oct 03 2018

Why Are My Energy Bills So High?

There are hundreds of reasons that your electric bill could be high.  Here are the top 7 that we see in the commercial marketplace.  You can often solve these issues fairly quickly and with little expense.…

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public sector solar
Sep 25 2018

Commercial, Nonprofit, and Public Sector Grants for Solar Panels in 2018

Illinois Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) in 2018 A Complete Guide to Commercial, Nonprofit, and Public Sector Solar in 2018 It's been a long time coming, but Solar Photovoltaic (PV) will finally penetrate the Illinois and Chicagoland…

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Apr 22 2018

5 Tips for Reducing Waste in the Office

It's officially Verde's favorite day of the year: Earth Day!  While we've already helped hundreds of company's reduce their energy consumption, we thought we would go a step further and help businesses with tips on…

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Apr 18 2018

A Sustainable Education: Debra Kutska from Oakton Community College

Debra and Jamie sit down to discuss the progress and investment that Oakton Community College has put forward, creating a truly sustainable education for their students.  Debra comes from the Brookfield Zoo community, where she…

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CEDA and Verde
Apr 10 2018

From Struggling to Thriving:Effective Management with Harold Rice CEDA

Jamie and Harold sit down in CEDAs office in the top of the 567 W Lake St building in Chicago.  With a backdrop of a ton of natural sunlight and possibly the best office lighting…

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lincoln park
Apr 04 2018

Energy Efficiency Makes Us Hoppy

Beer can be pretty energy intensive. Lifting a 16 ounce glass repeatedly...bicep really feels the burn, amiright... No but really kids - tons of energy input to create that delicious beverage that we love so…

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retro-commissioning from comed
Apr 03 2018

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Andersonville

Our outreach in Andersonville was a new experience for our team since we were able to work with a town that already promotes energy efficiency within its businesses.  We were lucky enough to meet with David…

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Apr 03 2018

Running a Social Enterprise: Tim Frick of Mightybytes Podcast

On Jan 23, 2018, Tim Frick and Jamie Johnson sat down in the offices of Mightybytes to discuss running a social enterprise - a firm focused on more than just generating profit.  Mightybytes is a…

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Young businesswoman feeling freezy in office
Apr 01 2018

Why Is a ComEd Nest Rebate Available in Illinois?

A ComEd Smart Thermostat Rebate exists for one reason in Illinois – programmable and smart thermostats save energy.  The Comed Nest Rebate, Comed Ecobee Rebate, and other smart thermostat rebates can help you explore this…

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best smart thermostat
Mar 31 2018

Best Smart Thermostat Incentives in 2018

In Illinois, smart thermostats are hot. There are a lot of options to choose from, and there are great incentives from your local utilities due to the Future Energy Jobs Act that was passed in…

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