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Mar 11 2020

Comed Rates in Illinois – Should I switch Suppliers?

Illinois electricity markets were deregulated a few years back, and all the rage was saving money by switching to an alternative provider to Comed to save money on the electric bill.  Even large municipalities were…

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led controlled lighting
Mar 08 2020

5 Ways that Building and Lighting Controls Improved My Role as CEO

Energy savings are a huge benefit of building and lighting controls, but there are 5 other reasons to consider these improvements to your building. 1. Better Space for Employees Lighting and building controls make spaces…

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signify tupelo
Feb 22 2020

US Manufactured LED Lighting

Verde Recently was welcomed to visit the site of our High Bay LED Lights for warehouses by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). This plant is in Tupelo, Mississippi and has a strong heritage and high quality…

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core values
Sep 01 2019

Core Values – Energy Efficiency at Heart

We have worked hard at Verde Energy Efficiency Experts to make sure we understand and reflect our core values. Believing that these core values be public, so both our clients and partners know what to…

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dragon boat race
Jul 23 2019

Leading a Team – Verde’s Company Leadership and Vision

I started Verde Energy Efficiency Experts over 9 years ago. This past year, I decided I needed some help and support around leadership. While I was a firefighter for over 10 years and had some…

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Benefits of LED Lights for Businesses
Jun 28 2019

Benefits of LED Lights for Businesses

Even though fluorescent lights have been commonly used in commercial buildings, LED lights have been making significant progress in the past couple of years, and more and more organizations are starting to utilize them. There…

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public sector solar
Jun 20 2019

Energy Efficiency Consulting Firms – What Do They Do?

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of running a successful business and oftentimes business owners are left with so little information about it. This is where energy consulting firms, like Verde, come in, advertising that…

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A Guide to Reducing Energy Costs & Waste for Warehouses
Jun 10 2019

A Guide to Reducing Energy Costs & Waste for Warehouses

Warehouses provide versatile opportunities for energy-efficient solutions. Since these buildings are often quite large, regulating air temperature and humidity around the clock can result in enormous electrical bills. Not to mention the costs of staying…

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avodale sustainability
May 31 2019

Reducing Energy Costs & Waste for Restaurants

Running a restaurant presents endless challenges. In this business, there is a lot of cooking equipment that needs to be taken care of, ventilation systems, large refrigeration, and constantly wasted energy that needs to be…

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retrofit recessed can lights
May 28 2019

What You Need to Know About Retrofitting Recessed Can Lights

Recessed can lights are a stylish addition to any modern business. They’re elegant, clean, and the variety of designs they come in are suitable for anyone’s taste. However, if you want to install retrofit recessed…

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lincoln park
May 27 2019

Signs Your Restaurant Needs to Replace Its Rooftop Unit HVAC

The life expectancy of a rooftop unit (also known as RTU) HVAC system can be anywhere from 10 to 30 years, and it goes without saying that a well-maintained unit will last longer than a…

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how to convert parking lot to led
May 21 2019

Why Use LED Parking Lot Lights for Your Business

If you own or manage a parking lot that’s not properly lit, you are risking wasting your time and money. Additionally, you also risk jeopardizing the financial and physical safety of the people who entrust…

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