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Is Your Business Wasting Money on High Energy Costs?

From outdated lighting systems to low-performing HVAC units, your business could be wasting dollars on high electric bills. Schedule a free energy assessment and our professional energy efficiency analysts will provide a full assessment of your business’ energy usage.

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What's a Commercial Energy Efficiency Assessment?

An energy efficiency assessment is a study of your building’s energy consuming equipment find opportunities to save money on both energy costs and maintenance savings. Typically, employee and customer comfort is an added benefit from upgrades, along with improved aesthetics.


Analyze a record of your utility use and interview your facility staff.


Inspect building and site lighting, HVAC equipment and system(s), controls, and the plant & operations related equipment such as refrigeration and compressed air.


Examine the building envelope for retrofit upgrade opportunities

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Evaluate opportunities for deployment of renewable energy applications.

Following the site visit, our energy efficiency expert will develop a list of energy conservation measures (ECMs) that could reduce energy usage and costs in your building. You will be provided with in depth energy savings calculations and maintenance cost savings, helping you determine the payback of any investment opportunity.

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