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May 13 2019

Why We Believe in Being an L3C Company

Social Enterprise is when mission and profitability get combined.  There are lots of types of entities that meet this generalization, including B-Corp, Benefit Corporations and L3Cs.  These companies are nuanced slightly differently, with Warby Parker…

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Dec 19 2018

The Light the Way Energy Efficiency Grant Program

When it comes to non-profits, operational costs can really affect a bottom line. and in turn, program funding. Running brick and mortar establishment adds up, but also an absolute must for many organizations making a…

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smart thermostats in 2020
Oct 03 2018

Smart Thermostats in 2023

Smart Thermostats are...well, Smart Your complete guide to Smart Thermostats for both Commercial and Residential applications in 2023 There is no doubt that smart thermostats save energy, or this article would be about a cool…

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energy savings formula
Oct 03 2018

Why Are My Energy Bills So High?

There are hundreds of reasons that your electric bill could be high.  Here are the top 7 that we see in the commercial marketplace.  You can often solve these issues fairly quickly and with little expense.…

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Sep 05 2018

Composting at Work and other ways to engage employees in sustainability

There are so many ways to get started in making your workplace more sustainable, but it takes buy in from the ownership.  Whether a huge corporation or a small business, your efforts at making your…

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Apr 01 2018

Why Is a ComEd Nest Rebate Available in Illinois?

A ComEd Smart Thermostat Rebate exists for one reason in Illinois – programmable and smart thermostats save energy.  The Comed Nest Rebate, Comed Ecobee Rebate, and other smart thermostat rebates can help you explore this…

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best smart thermostat
Mar 31 2018

Best Smart Thermostat Incentives in 2023

In Illinois, smart thermostats are hot. There are a lot of options to choose from, and there are great incentives from your local utilities due to the Future Energy Jobs Act that was passed in…

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commercial hvac efficiency
Mar 30 2018

Ecobee EMS Si Is the Best Smart Thermostat for Your Business

There are a lot of Smart Thermostat Options in 2018 for your business, and this post details why the Ecobee EMS SI is the best option in the Chicagoland territory in 2018. It comes down…

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verde ipad app
Mar 25 2018

Verde Green Energy iPad App

In 2011, Verde Energy Efficiency Experts produced our first big product - an iPad app that was focused on energy savings information. While we currently don't just share recommendations, we make them - it is…

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government energy savings
Mar 05 2018

Energy Saving Government Program in Illinois

When the Future Energy Jobs Act was passed in 2016, it changed the way Illinois supported the public sector in energy efficiency. Historically, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity had run programs to meet…

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commercial hvac efficiency
Mar 05 2018

Advanced HVAC Systems for Your Restaurant

Are you a restaurant owner and ever wondered if you are losing money on your HVAC systems?  Chances are, the answer is yes. Luckily, there are fairly easy projects that you can undergo to save…

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low income energy efficiency
Mar 05 2018

Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program

If you get a chance to read through the breakthrough Future Energy Jobs Act, which is the funding and baseline for the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, you will find that the state of Illinois is…

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