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Mar 05 2018

Your Trade Ally is Your Partner

In the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, there are a variety of players that make up the huge machine that delivers rebates and incentives to customers.   In my opinion, the most important player in the…

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Mar 05 2018

Energy Efficiency Jobs in Illinois

In 2016, our legislature did the impossible in Illinois - they passed a meaningful law.To show how remarkable this is, at that time, Governor Rauner and the legislature had been in a budget stalemate for…

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business energy efficiency
Mar 05 2018

Business Energy Efficiency – Large Facilities

Commercial energy efficiency improvements are a core pillar of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program in Illinois.  All businesses and public sector programs are available to participate in the Standard Program for energy efficiency program. While…

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energy efficient homes
Mar 05 2018

Energy Efficient Homes

We often get asked about how the Comed Energy Efficiency Program helps homeowners and create a more energy efficient home.  While our company focuses on commercial, we like to point folks in the right direction.…

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avodale sustainability
Feb 28 2018

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Avondale | Irving Park

Last week the team dispersed all throughout the Avondale in Cook County (home to Polish Village) and Irving Park area to spread the news about energy efficiency.  We were able to stop into a lot…

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Feb 27 2018

Agilux: The Environmental Impact of International Shipping

(Photo Credit: Agilux) Kevin Cody and Jamie Johnson discuss Agilux - a flexible and adaptable module LED platform with a ton of opportunities.  Kevin and Jamie discuss international manufacturing, quality of products, as well as…

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Feb 21 2018

Building Your Brand: David Kelbaugh of Tacklebox Podcast

On Jan 15th, David Kelbaugh and Jamie Johnson sit down in David's home on the north side of Chicago to discuss how and why he left a huge advertising firm in Chicago to build a…

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best smart thermostat
Feb 15 2018

Five Ways a Smart Thermostat Will Be Useful for Your Business

Smart thermostats have a lot of features and look nice, but do they do anything valuable? When I recommend them during my work in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, it’s for more of these reasons…

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Feb 06 2018

The Verde Manifesto

In mid 2017, Verde Energy Efficiency Experts hired Tacklebox Brand Partners to do a deep dive on our brand strategy. After 7 years of growth through bootstrapping, we finally felt we could afford outside help to…

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smart power strips savings
Feb 06 2018

Are Smart Power Strips Worth the Money?

Really there are two questions here regarding Smart Power Strips: Is it worth the money to replace all of my existing power strips with a smart power strips? If I’m already buying a power strip, is…

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comed 2021 rebates for mcdonalds
Feb 02 2018

Unexpected Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting has seen tremendous growth over the past several years, especially in Chicagoland, where we are supported by some fantastic ComEd rebate programs and incentives to help make LED conversions affordable. These rebates are…

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