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instant discounts and rebates
Mar 05 2018

Instant Discounts – Easiest Energy Rebate Program Around

One of the most popular programs (it even won a big award this year!) in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program over the past 10 years has been the Instant Discount program.Previously known as the Business…

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core values verde
Mar 05 2018

Your Trade Ally is Your Partner

In the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, there are a variety of players that make up the huge machine that delivers rebates and incentives to customers. In my opinion, the most important player in the rebate…

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energy jobs
Mar 05 2018

Energy Efficiency Jobs in Illinois

In 2016, our legislature did the impossible in Illinois - they passed a meaningful law.To show how remarkable this is, at that time, Governor Rauner and the legislature had been in a budget stalemate for…

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business energy efficiency
Mar 05 2018

Business Energy Efficiency – Large Facilities

Commercial energy efficiency improvements are a core pillar of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program in Illinois.  All businesses and public sector programs are available to participate in the Standard Program for energy efficiency program. While…

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best smart thermostat
Feb 15 2018

Five Ways a Smart Thermostat Will Be Useful for Your Business

Smart thermostats have a lot of features and look nice, but do they do anything valuable? When I recommend them during my work in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, it’s for more of these reasons…

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smart power strips savings
Feb 06 2018

Are Smart Power Strips Worth the Money?

Really there are two questions here regarding Smart Power Strips: Is it worth the money to replace all of my existing power strips with a smart power strips? If I’m already buying a power strip, is…

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comed 2021 rebates for mcdonalds
Feb 02 2018

Unexpected Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting has seen tremendous growth over the past several years, especially in Chicagoland, where we are supported by some fantastic ComEd rebate programs and incentives to help make LED conversions affordable. These rebates are…

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phantom power
Jan 16 2018

Phantom Power Drain Is a Real Monster

Electricity is impossible to see, so it’s difficult to figure out how much is being used when you turn on lights or play video games. In fact, you even waste a little electricity when that…

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daylight LED output reduction
Jan 13 2018

International Manufacturing of LED Fixtures

I recently had the opportunity to visit a lot of our international manufacturing partners for LED Lighting in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is a fascinating town, one of the 14 cities with more than 5 million…

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energy business consultant
Jan 11 2018

Where Are the Best Places for Linear LEDs in Commercial Offices?

Let me turn the tables a bit and ask you a question, buster. Do you currently have linear fluorescent fixtures in your office lighting? You do? Well badda bing bada boom, there you go. You…

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commercial hvac efficiency
Jan 09 2018

5 Tips for Improving Commercial Refrigeration Energy Efficiency

Commercial refrigeration represents about 7% of total commercial building energy usage in the U.S. In supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, refrigeration, hospitals, and hotels can account for half of the total energy usage. But, by applying…

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ballast for led lights
Jan 08 2018

Do You Need a Ballast for LED Lights?

The water fountain spigot kind of acts like a ballast in this situation. A ballast regulates the current that’s coming at a lamp. It gives an initial burst just to get things going, then it…

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