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Dec 06 2017

Sales Commission Structure

Incentivizing your sales team is the best way to grow your business, hands down. However, the sales commission structure can be one of the most difficult and nuanced components to get right in a business. …

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comed smart ideas
Nov 05 2017

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program and Smart Ideas

In 2007, Illinois passed a law to tax customers and spend that taxation on energy efficiency. ComEd, People’s Gas, Northshore Gas, and Nicor Gas all spent incentive and rebate money out of the tax collected…

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commercial air conditioning
Nov 01 2017

How Maintaining Your HVAC System Saves You Green

HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) are an important part of every home and business. They allow us to sit comfortably even when the conditions outside are bitter cold or sweltering hot. These systems…

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instant discounts and rebates
Oct 31 2017

The Facts of Light: Understanding Lighting Facts Labels

You take the good, you take the bad,you take them both and there you have, the Facts of Light? No? It's a little more complicated that that. Today we're talking about Lighting Facts, that label…

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fully embracing
Oct 30 2017

Respect Is a Powerful Discipline That You Aren’t Fully Embracing

I haven't see a lot of content on respect in the business world. Empathy, hustle, equality get plenty of coverage, but I think we need to flesh out what respect is beyond the obvious "it's…

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weather stripping chicago doors
Oct 25 2017

Weatherstripping Chicago Doors – Stop Procrastinating!

Is there anything worse than getting a table by the front door of a restaurant only to feel the Chicago cold continually interrupting your meal? You know who wouldn't stand for that?  Daenerys Targaryen, that's…

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facts about led
Oct 25 2017

5 Facts About LEDs

Most of us have heard of LED lighting, but many may not know much about them. Let’s start the conversation about LEDs and why they are the true shining stars in energy saving. The Light-Emitting…

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profitability via energy efficiency
Oct 06 2017

Increasing Profitability Via Energy Efficiency

Increased profitability can be found in a variety of unexpected places in your business. How can we be more energy-efficient? Here are a few sustainable solutions that you might not have thought about in how…

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Sep 22 2017

Sustainability is the New Black

Sustainability is the new black- a phrase I’ve heard from multiple friends and classmates over the past few years. The word ‘sustainability’ has become a major buzz word in many different realms- political, corporate, and…

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