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business energy efficiency
Dec 26 2017

Tips on Increasing Your Adaptability

Adaptability is a concept that many businesses strive for, but many miss in the busy-ness of the day-to-day. When routines are established and business seems easy, it's hard to think, "hmm, I really need to…

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sustainable images for grocery stores
Dec 23 2017

Sustainable Solutions to Address a High Electric Bill

There are lots of sustainable solutions that you can do as a business owner. Most of the decisions do not solely get based on what is good for the environment (and that’s OK), but instead…

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smart thermostat cost
Dec 23 2017

Thermostat Cost between Smart Options in 2020

We’ll compare two big name smart thermostat brands, which are a smart sensor for your home or business to help control energy cost. While there are options outside of what I’m mentioning, they will likely…

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LED Type A Type B and Type C tubes
Dec 22 2017

Can You “Plug & Play” with Led Tubes?

Tube LED or not Tube LED...That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to change a ballast or….I’ll stop there. When staring at a fluorescent fixture you will typically be staring at either…

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ECM Type Motor
Dec 21 2017

What Is an ECM Type Motor?

There are many different types of electric motors, but there are three types used mainly in HVAC refrigeration applications. The microprocessor allows the ECMs to more precisely control eddy currents Eddy currents are naturally created…

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outdoor led exterior lights
Dec 14 2017

How Do LEDs Perform for Exterior Lighting?

There are many pitfalls to owning and operating a business, and one of those I see most often is the difficulty to maintain outdoor lighting. Most businesses can internally change an incandescent or fluorescent lamp,…

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Verde Chicagoland Business Stories Season 1 Episode 2
Dec 13 2017

Organizational Growth with Karen Chiu of Project Vision Podcast

Project: VISION Karen Chiu from Project Vision a non-profit dedicated to providing support and guidance to the youth of the community, discusses her and Project Vision's organizational growth throughout the years with Verde Founder Jamie…

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sales commission structure
Dec 06 2017

Sales Commission Structure

Incentivizing your sales team is the best way to grow your business, hands down. However, the sales commission structure can be one of the most difficult and nuanced components to get right in a business. …

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Verde Chicagoland Business Stories Season 1 Episode 1
Nov 29 2017

Loving What You Do: Buddy Greene of Dearborn Wire and Cable Podcast

In our first Chicagoland Small Business Stories Podcast, Verde sits down with Buddy Greene to hear why loving what you do is as important today as it was when he grew his business in Chicago…

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core values verde
Nov 22 2017

How to Overcome One of the Greatest Business Challenges

It can be hard to stand out in the crowd as a business. When looking at the stats it can seem quite scary: There are almost 28 million small businesses in the U.S. with approximately…

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Night and security led
Nov 14 2017

3 Ways to Improve Employee Health and Satisfaction in the Workplace

The workplace environment that your company establishes has a huge effect on your workers. In a report done by Bosti Associates -- an organization that analyzes different workspaces in order to find effective business strategies…

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comed smart ideas
Nov 05 2017

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program and Smart Ideas

In 2007, Illinois passed a law to tax customers and spend that taxation on energy efficiency. ComEd, People’s Gas, Northshore Gas, and Nicor Gas all spent incentive and rebate money out of the tax collected…

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