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Mar 14 2020

Why Energy Efficiency is Important to Montessori

When it comes to identifying a company’s perfect customer, both profitability and value alignment should be top of mind. Montessori is one of those “blue chip” customers for Verde.

Verde is an L3C, which means our revenue is tied to our mission, lowering energy use in the state of IL. We believe in order to continue our mission, we need to be profitable, and reinvest in our company’s growth.

Sustainability is the heart of our company. Alongside our core values, Verde employees come to work every day, with the intention to make our city a more sustainable place. We believe that our future is bright, and that education is key to building on this concept.

It’s for these very reasons that Montessori schools align with Verde’s mission. 

Sustainability has long been an important element to Montessori education. Verde recently had the privilege of working with Council Oak Montessori, where executive director, Lila, Jokanovik explained that energy efficiency augments their program at the school, because it reflects their philosophy and practice of being stewards of the planet. Additionally, lowering energy bills means that they are able to put more money back into the program instead of lost operational costs.

Montessori School Student Engagement

montessori sustainability

In addition, middle school students will continue to work with Verde’s team to draw raw data from the school’s usage before and after to do a comparison study of energy saved. 

It’s this type of education and curiosity about new solutions that Verde welcomes in order to shape future ideas of energy conservation, and excite students into going into these types of job roles.

Creating a space of creativity, and focus is also important. Outdating lighting can cause discomfort for students, teachers and administrators. Assuring light temperature and color are consistent and dark spots are eliminated to assure that every space in the school is conducive to learning. 

LED Fixture

When we as a company get to help organizations that align with our core values, we feel good about the work we’re doing now and the greater impact of how these ideas are shaping the future.


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