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Sep 01 2020

Retro-commissioning Your Building to Its Intended Design

In the Comed Energy Efficiency Program, one of the more interesting and complex energy savings opportunities is through the Retro-commisioning program. Buildings that are 10 years or older start to hit the magic age when…

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pelican smart thermostat
Aug 23 2020

Pelican Smart Thermostat Site Manager

Commercial HVAC equipment is a huge energy user in Chicago - cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Sensors, controls, and smart thermostats are essential to optimize equipment usage, and the Pelican smart…

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best smart thermostat
Jun 24 2020

Nest Smart Thermostat Portal

Our company frequently recommends and installs smart thermostats for our commercial and public sector clients. If you are considering or have a Nest Smart Thermostat, this is a good post for you. Smart thermostats are…

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smart thermostats in 2020
Jun 03 2020

Ecobee EMS Si SmartBuildings Platform

When it comes to energy efficiency in Chicagoland, you can't have a meaningful conversation without talking about HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Cooling). While HVAC replacement is an important consideration for commercial spaces and public buildings,…

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eggs in one basket
May 05 2020

No Need To Put All Those Eggs in One Basket

We all work together to make this world a better place, everyday. When it comes to your business, improving the physical space is not always cheap or a top of mind priority.  It can be…

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safe installations
Apr 29 2020

Keeping our Partners and Employees Safe During #Coronavirus

What we are doing to keep our employees and partners safe during the COVID-19 pandemic:   Limited Onsite Exposure All of our office staff, including our energy efficiency analysts, are taking the necessary measures to limit…

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public sector solar
Mar 14 2020

Why Energy Efficiency is Important to Montessori

When it comes to identifying a company’s perfect customer, both profitability and value alignment should be top of mind. Montessori is one of those “blue chip” customers for Verde. Verde is an L3C, which means…

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environmental landscape
Mar 11 2020

Comed Rates in Illinois – Should I switch Suppliers?

Illinois electricity markets were deregulated a few years back, and all the rage was saving money by switching to an alternative provider to Comed to save money on the electric bill.  Even large municipalities were…

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led controlled lighting
Mar 08 2020

5 Ways that Building and Lighting Controls Improved My Role as CEO

Energy savings are a huge benefit of building and lighting controls, but there are 5 other reasons to consider these improvements to your building. 1. Better Space for Employees Lighting and building controls make spaces…

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signify tupelo
Feb 22 2020

US Manufactured LED Lighting

Verde Recently was welcomed to visit the site of our High Bay LED Lights for warehouses by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). This plant is in Tupelo, Mississippi and has a strong heritage and high quality…

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core vlaues at verde
Sep 01 2019

Core Values – Energy Efficiency at Heart

We have worked hard at Verde Energy Efficiency Experts to make sure we understand and reflect our core values. Believing that these core values be public, so both our clients and partners know what to…

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dragon boat race
Jul 23 2019

Leading a Team – Verde’s Company Leadership and Vision

I started Verde Energy Efficiency Experts over 9 years ago. This past year, I decided I needed some help and support around leadership. While I was a firefighter for over 10 years and had some…

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