VERDE  Energy Efficiency Experts
The Complete Energy Efficiency Package

Verio Graphics

Albany Park


On December 27th 2017, Verde took on Verio Graphics' warehouse. The multifaceted project had to meet the needs of Verio's detail oriented service of wrapping vehicles.

Verio Graphics was in desperate need for

  • Lighting brighter than their old setup 
  • A bright, white color 
  • Lighting evenly spaced throughout their warehouse
  • No shadows
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • All of this needed to fit within their budget

The installers arrived at Verio ready to rock. Crew chief, Marcin quickly measured the warehouse and created a plan to evenly distribute the fixtures throughout the space, checking off a few of Verio's "must needs." Verde removed 15 old, inefficient fixtures, and installed 11 new Fluxsteam (equipped with automatic dimming features). The new 5000k Fluxsteam fixtures illuminated the warehouse, creating a brighter space than what was currently there, and thanks to the Verde install team the fixtures were positioned evenly throughout the warehouse, casting no shadows. The Fluxsteam fixtures were then programed to automatically dim when there is no activity occurring under neath them - bring on the energy savings! 



Building Type


Total Project Cost


Incentives Rebate


Reduction in Energy Consumption

$1,183 saved annually
10,700 kWh

Return on Investment

9.5 months