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Our Installation Team

When it comes to Energy Efficiency Expertise, Our Crew Can't Be Beat.

Signature White Glove Service and shining personalities

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Not only do we have the most attractive installation crew in all of Chicagoland, they are also great dancers. Our installation crew has some sick moves, but the sickest of moves is how fast they are able to complete an installation, getting your business on the fast track to energy savings.  Your time is important to us, so we get in, get out, and with our signature white glove service, we keep it tidy.

When it comes to the Verde Installation team, we've assembed a squad that is unlike any other. They're a true family and on job sites, they become a finely tuned machine. When they show up to a site for an install, you can be sure our team takes our customer's needs incredibly seriously.  They're able to navigate stressful job sites effortlessly, and don't cause too much of a commotion so that businesses can go about their day-to-day tasks without being bothered by our crew. Many of our installers are former firefighter, so their approach to a space comes with a lot of understanding, in regards to safety procedures and best practices.

Their work doesn’t stop at the installation site- they’re always communicating with the office to ensure that we’re all on the same page and making the customer’s needs and wishes a reality.
— Danielle Gaede, Operations Manager

At Verde, we don't use subcontractors to assure that our installers are
fully invested in our company's goal and vision.

Our team is committed to our reputation and our brand, and they go above and beyond for customers to be respectful and conscience.
— Jamie Johnson, Founder of Verde

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