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You may have recently upgraded to all LED lighting or are considering it, and wondering, aside from their efficient energy consumption, what else can LED lights offer? One of the major benefits of having LED lighting in either interior or exterior spaces, is that they work very effectively with daylight and occupancy sensors. These sensors offer true scalability and savings as they allow you to maximally control your energy consumption.

In the past decade sensor technology has advanced and can be fine-tuned to meet most lighting requirements. These devices are no longer simple motion detectors that switch on wasteful floodlights when the neighborhood stray walks through your garden or use basic timers that inconveniently switch off when you need them the most, leaving you waving your arms wildly to turn on the lights.

In fact, today, these devices really do work for you. So, let’s take a closer look at how they compare and how they can start saving you money today.

Daylight Sensors

Daylight sensors work to retain the same level of brightness in an area by decreasing the LED light output and augmenting it with natural light. This is also sometimes called ‘daylight harvesting’, which simply means the more sunlight available in a space, the less electricity you use and the more energy and money you save.

Using these devices can significantly reduce energy bills especially for large or multi-structure complexes which require many light points to remain illuminated overnight, such as entrances and exists as well as parking lots. As opposed to traditionally programmed lighting solutions (think streetlamps which turn off once natural light has reached a sufficient level), daylight sensors constantly adjust and actively dim as natural daylight increases.

However, these sensors are not just for outdoor lighting. In fact, daylight sensors can also provide the same great benefits indoors, especially if you have a lot of glass windows and corridors. Moreover, they can be combined with occupancy sensors, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Occupancy Sensors

If the idea of installing occupancy sensors seems like a lot of effort for minimal savings, then think again. These sensors are not simply for small spaces like bathrooms or storage closets. In fact, occupancy sensors can be beneficial in almost all interior and exterior spaces. They can also be combined with daylight sensors to maximize energy efficiency and savings.

Whereas motion detectors only activate light when there is movement, occupancy sensors react to the presence of people or animals within a space. This means that they will not switch off, as they are not on timers, or if you remain stationary, so there is no lag between the time you leave a space and the lights switching off.

Occupancy sensors can also be utilized in combination with daylight sensors.

Why Choose Verde for Your Automation Needs?

Since 2010 Verde has been helping customers upgrade inefficient and outdated lighting solutions that have translated to thousands of dollars saved on energy bills. Our experienced team helps guide you through the entire process from providing a free energy assessment, to installing the solutions and even helping you get money back through government incentives and utility company rebates. We offer complete services, from start to finish, with a single point of contact, so you can rest assured that all aspects of your project are covered.

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