Opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and save money are everywhere.

As a leading energy efficiency consultant, Verde exists to help your organization find, implement and maintain energy-efficient solutions that make a measurable impact on the bottom line. Since 2010, Verde has been saving Chicagoland companies and organizations thousands of dollars every year by replacing outdated, inefficient methods and hardware with modern, efficient solutions.

Our Projects

See how Verde has been able to find savings in unexpected places for these businesses, setting them on a more sustainable, energy efficient and earth-friendly path.

Energy Efficiency Solutions
Energy Efficiency Experts

Opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and save money are everywhere with the help of an energy efficiency consultant

To organizations and businesses, Verde Energy Efficiency Experts is a partner that identifies energy inefficiencies, creates economically feasible solutions, then execute them with high-quality installations and provide ongoing support to assure total client satisfaction.

How it all works

Call in the pros.

Give us a call, and we’ll come take a look around – no fees, no commitments. Within a week or so, we’ll give you a custom, detailed report of where you can decrease your energy costs and how much you can expect to save.


Let’s do this.

Our Energy Efficiency Professionals do the necessary swaps, tweaks, and in some cases, complete overhauls to bring your costs way down and your savings way up. We know how to save you money – and we know what it takes to make the most of all of those energy rebate programs, as a knowledgeable and experienced energy efficiency consultant. In fact, we guarantee that no one can find more rebates off your project than Verde.


We’ve got your back.

If a bulb burns out or an issue occurs, call us. We’ll make it right.



The bean counters on your team will be jumping for joy from the unexpected savings and your team’s Earth lovers will be singing your praises in no time. That’s because Verde’s solutions are just as good for your bottom line as they are for the Earth.

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Don't just take our words for it.
See how we're making Chicagoland more energy efficient.

Client Testimonials

We've helped all sorts of businesses small and large, private and public, save money on their energy use, and this is what they're saying...


After I bought my coffee shop, I had old lighting, outdated thermostats, and old equipment. I knew that I needed to do research on new products to improve the lighting and their savings, source products, and hire a contractor to do the work. Verde Solutions approached me and did all of that work, in addition to providing rebates from the utility that I was not aware of. After working with Verde, the space was brighter and our energy costs were significantly lower.


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restaurant solutions


Verde Sustainable Solutions worked really well with each of our locations, our energy savings was what they predicted, and we were cash flow positive on our project within eight months. I recommend Verde to any business or franchise owner, as they really understand our business and no one can match their pricing or expertise on new products This is a great franchise energy savings solution for any new or experience franchise owner.


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Fire tender

Chief Peterson, Maple Park Fire Dept.

The whole experience with the Verde team was a positive one. Everyone we were involved with was friendly and very professional. The crew that did the work on the lighting was also friendly, professional and very neat as to how they did their work and in cleaning up after the project each day.


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The difference verde is making in the businesses within the Chicagoland Area

  • Since 2010, Verde has helped over 675 businesses reduce their energy use.

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    Since 2010, Verde has saved Chicagoland over 14,196,600 KwHs of Energy!

  • The equivalent of saving the C02 emissions from over 11,559,465 pounds of coal burned!

  • 04

    The same carbon sequestered of 12,444 acres of US Forests.

  • We've recycled more than 67,500 used bulbs, saving them from landfills.


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