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Houses of worship/Non profits

Non profits and Houses of Worship make up about 20% of our client work.  We find not only are these projects culturally aligned with our company, but they also have large opportunities for energy kWh savings.

NPO Offering

New to the Comed Energy Efficiency Program, the NPO program offers deep incentives for clients from any size.  This program is new, but tailored to the needs of non profits.

SBO Offering

Many of our smaller sized clients fall into this program, tailored to 0-100kW usage (on your Comed bill) buildings.  We have found that houses of worship with low usage in terms of hours are not great candidates for expensive LED conversions.  However, those that use much of their building for community usage (schools, classes, etc) are great candidates for energy efficiency work.

In addition, we do occasionally take projects into special consideration for our Light the Way grant program.

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