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Savings can be found in unexpected places. You just have to know where to look.

Opportunities to reduce your energy consumption – and save money – are everywhere.

Sometimes they’re right under your nose…and sometimes they’re screwed into the ceiling above your head.

Verde exists to help your organization find, implement and maintain energy-efficient solutions that make a measurable impact on the bottom line. Since 2010, Verde has been saving Chicagoland companies and organizations thousands of dollars every year by replacing outdated, inefficient methods and hardware with modern, efficient solutions.

We don’t just recommend changes. We make them.

Verde’s team of energy experts is obsessed with reducing energy consumption everywhere possible.

Our well-trained eyes can spot all the budget-draining inefficiencies that lurk in office buildings, restaurants, warehouses and beyond. Not only can our team identify energy-saving opportunities that may go otherwise unnoticed, we have the people, brains and expertise to actually come in and fix them for you.

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