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Advanced & Commercial Refrigeration Upgrades & Retrofits

Refrigeration is a core component for production and profit for many businesses, which makes it an unavoidable overhead cost – in some cases contributing to over 50% of energy bills! However, with advances in technology, refrigeration systems provide the opportunity to make immediate savings to your bottom line.

The biggest game changer in the refrigeration industry has been the introduction of Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM), which use nearly 70% less energy than traditional motors. They have many benefits and the advantage of being able to be retrofitted into existing systems, which means low up-front investment for big long-term savings.

So, if your refrigeration system doesn’t have an EC motor, then keep reading to find out why now is the perfect time to consider an upgrade.

Why Upgrade to an EC Motor?

We could blind you with science and explain the inner workings of how EC motors compare to traditional ones (it all comes down to the way in which magnetic fields are used to generate torque), but instead we have listed the features of EC motors and how they work to save you money. If you still want to know more about the inner workings of this technology, then get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

1. Efficiency

Electrical motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Unlike traditional motors, EC motors do not rely on rotating mechanical components to generate mechanical energy. As a result, EC motors ‘run cool’, which means they do not generate heat. Whereas traditional motors demand additional energy to offset heat generation, EC motors do not. In other words, EC motors do not waste energy cooling their own heat generation.

Reduced heat generation also means less wear and tear on the parts of the motor which are mechanical, therefore requiring less maintenance and guaranteeing a longer life. Overall, EC motors run over 65% more efficiently than their predecessors and require far less maintenance, which adds up to big savings.

2. Compatibility

EC motors can power a range of machinery including: evaporator fans in walk-in and reach-in refrigeration units, ventilation/exhaust fans, condensers, and compressors. This way a single EC motor model can replace a variety of traditional ones, helping you reduce your inventory of motors and simplify maintenance requirements.

Moreover, many EC motors have been designed to replace older counterparts, which means retrofitting is easy and does not require expensive mechanical changes to your existing refrigeration system.

3. Programmability

One of the biggest advantages of EC motors is their compatibility with controller applications. Unlike traditional motors which are designed to permanently run at a constant speed, EC motors are able to operate at variable speeds without losing efficiency. Controller applications are to refrigeration what smart thermostats are to home heating; they are able to intelligently control EC motors to maximize energy expenditure.

Imagine it is 2 am, and no one has opened the cooler door in five hours. A traditional motor will still be working just as hard as if it were the peak holiday season. An EC motor equipped with controls, on the other hand, will sense inactivity each night, and will automatically decrease the fan speed. Matching the speed of the motor to the environmental fluctuations enables the motor to operate as efficiently as possible and translates to reduced energy bills.

Making Chicago’s Businesses More Energy Efficient with Advanced Refrigeration Upgrades & Retrofits

Verde has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofits around Chicagoland become more energy efficient. Since 2010, we’ve saved Chicagoland over 14,196,600 KwHs of energy! That’s equivalent to the same carbon sequestered of 12,444 acres of US forests. From restaurants, to grocery stores, refrigeration is a key operational cost. Upgrading refrigeration systems or choosing to retrofit existing systems can mean big savings for businesses.

Verde’s Commercial Refrigeration Upgrades & Retrofit Services

At Verde we know that all the jargon that comes along with new technology can be confusing and difficult to navigate. This is why we like to keep it simple and work one-on-one with you to understand your specific needs and find tailored solutions. Call us for a free assessment and let us help you start saving on your energy bills today!

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