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Situation: Verde worked with Greystar management to find a significant amount of savings potential in their luxury apartment high rise, SoNo East, utilizing rebates available through ComEd’s Standard Program as well as the ComEd Instant Discount Program.

Problem: Outdated lighting in the common areas as well as the garage were large energy drainers. They also provided less-than sufficient lighting.

Solution: Common areas were updated from T8s to TLEDs, but the biggest energy saver was swapping out 124 150W Metal Halides in their garage to LED flood lights.

Result: LED lighting resulted in brighter lighting than their old setup, a bright, white color, decreased energy consumption, and brighter, more secure parking garages. The total project cost was $27,649.52 with an incentives rebate of $9,616. SoNo East saved 226,157.57 kWh annually as well as $20,354.18 in costs per year. The return on investment was calculated at 1.4 years.


Building Type Apartment highrise
Total Project Cost $27,649.52
Incentives Rebate $9,616.00
Reduction in Energy Consumption $20,354.18 saved annually 226,157.57 kWh
Return on Investment 1.4 years

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