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Smart Lighting Solutions

We are living in an age where data is king, and connectivity is a necessity. Our cities are going smart, and everyday life is continually being augmented by the Internet of Things (IoT)

Your organization might have gone LED, but the newest innovation is going SMART.

Interact Pro, an application and dashboard from Philips and Signify, allows users to connect already existing or new light fixtures to better serve their individual needs. 

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Who is it for? 

Any commercial space that wants to control lighting, learn from its data collection or solve pain points that their current lighting is not capable of. Interact pro currently offers solutions for offices, cities, landmarks, retail, sporting complexes, industry, hospitality and more.


The categories to which Interactive Pro enables users is vast, and these are tailored to the specific needs of your space. 



Interact Pro offers the ability to connect lighting and to monitor data in:

+Lighting Management

+Energy Optimization

+Scene Management

+Space Management

+Indoor Navigation

+Bio-Adaptive Lighting

+Environmental Monitoring

+Lighting Asset Management

+Incident Detection

+Social Impact Measurement


Smart offices

might have lighting that adjusts to the time of day, to help employee’s circadian rhythm, or reduce lighting pollution in order to create darker skies for area wildlife at night.

Smart Cities

can connect lighting, monitor traffic or alert police through light sensor data in an emergency. Illuminate a park brighter for a festival or dim it for a movie in the park, the connectivity allows for easy adjusting. An open API allows for scalability with other city applications.

Smart Landmarks

add interest to skylines and rev up hometown pride. Illuminate bridges and other architectural treasures depending on the season and connect to social apps to track visitors and interactions.

Smart Retail

can rely on Interact Pro for scene management in spaces to influence buying behaviors or adjust lighting depending on the flow of the day. LEDs can even reduce food waste by keeping produce fresher, longer. 

Smart Manufacturing and Industry

can now see how facilities are used by employees through heat mapping to streamline their processes, or to improve safety. Energy efficiency benchmarks are within easier reach and diagnostics in real-time reduce downtime.

Smart Hotels

can create scenes for guests depending on their moods or help jet-lagged travelers adjust with bio adaptive lighting. Reduction of energy in unoccupied space or asset management also allows for better, more streamlined operations.

Smart Sporting Arenas

can light up the night with their home team’s colors and bring another level of spirit to the game. Dim or brighten pathways and other spaces for safety or better visibility of fans and athletes.

Smart Spaces

of every size can benefit from IoT for their spaces. Philips Lighting offers Interact Pro ready luminaires in every shape to fit your needs. Verde’s own offices have connected lighting with Interact Pro and has seen additional energy savings as well as an improved office setting.

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Additional Incentives for Controls

Controls give you the ability to reduce your kWh. Smart controls can learn and adjust energy, creating an even bigger opportunity to reduce use. Operational costs will not only benefit from smarter usage, but utility programs incentivize controls at a lighter rate than traditional fixtures making the jump to smart lighting now, even more compelling. 

Interact PRO Connected System

Advanced Lighting Control systems can qualify for additional rebates from the local utility incentive program. If you operate a business in Illinois, reach out to Verde for help. If you are outside Illinois, reach out to your local utility for help.

How it all works

Call in the pros.

Give us a call, and we’ll come take a look around – no fees, no commitments. Within a week or so, we’ll give you a custom, detailed report of where you can decrease your energy costs and how much you can expect to save.


Let’s do this.

Our Energy Efficiency Professionals do the necessary swaps, tweaks, and in some cases, complete overhauls to bring your costs way down and your savings way up. We know how to save you money – and we know what it takes to make the most of all of those energy rebate programs. In fact, we guarantee that no one can find more rebates off your project than Verde.


We’ve got your back.

If a bulb burns out or an issue occurs, call us. We’ll make it right.



The bean counters on your team will be jumping for joy from the unexpected savings and your team’s Earth lovers will be singing your praises in no time. That’s because Verde’s solutions are just as good for your bottom line as they are for the Earth.


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