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When looking to save energy, we often think of how to reduce energy consumption – from installing LED lighting or smart thermostats, to even bigger investments like upgrading old HVAC systems.   However, savings not only come from lowering the cost of energy consumption, but also from conserving that energy by creating well insulated spaces.

Weatherstripping is an affordable but often overlooked way to save on your energy bills. As buildings age and settle, warps may develop between doors and windows and their casings, which form energy leaks that can contribute to conditioned air losses of 30-40%.   So, whether you are just starting out on your quest to reduce energy bills or have already made big upgrades to help cut down your consumption, weather stripping is an effective and affordable way to help you save even more.

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Do I Need Weatherstripping?

These days, newly installed doors and windows come equipped with insulation in the form of foam, vinyl, or silicon, which are designed to ensure air tight sealing.   However, as doors and windows age, these insulating products begin to deteriorate and become ineffective, despite the original door or window remaining in good condition. This is where weatherstripping comes into play and can help restore insulation thus reducing energy waste.

Common Areas Requiring Weatherstripping

As you might have guessed, exterior doors are usually the best candidates for weatherstripping. Doors leading to the exterior of your building or even front entry doors may be due for some weatherstripping to prevent energy leakage to the exterior. These are commonly found in:

  • Emergency exit doors
  • Rear exit doors
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Where Do I Begin?

When considering where to start weatherstripping, it is best to begin with exterior components that bear frequent wear and tear. Exterior doors, both residential or business, receive the most traffic and provide a large surface area around which leaks can occur. With time, the original weatherstripping begins to deteriorate as the repeated opening and closing of the door takes its toll.

Since, through use, doors are always letting in drafts, we often think of them as inevitable energy wasters. However, a bit of weather stripping can go a long way in reducing the air loss when doors are closed.

What Kind of Weatherstripping do I Need?

Installing weatherstripping is quick and immediately effective. Different doors require different insulating treatments. For example, a two-way swinging glass door at the local coffee shop may simply require silicon caulk to seal any leaks where the window sits within the frame, as well as a door sweep to reduce drafts. A small investment of $30-50 will make a big difference in preventing energy leaks and lowering energy bills.

However, larger industrial automatic doors not only require stronger door sweeps made of thermoplastic polyurethane in a robust aluminum channel, but also need further insulation of the door surface to prevent conditioned air from escaping. Depending on the number of doors on the premises, weatherstripping may require a larger upfront investment, but once done, will yield immediate savings on your overhead costs.

Get it Right – Work with Verde

With all the different types of weatherstripping available, it can be difficult to figure out the next steps to help reduce energy waste. Let Verde help you get it right. Call us for a free energy assessment and we will identify where your energy leaks are, what you can do to fix them, and how much you could save long-term. So, whether it turns out you need weatherstripping or a much-needed HVAC upgrade, Verde has all your energy needs covered.

How it all works

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Give us a call, and we’ll come take a look around – no fees, no commitments. Within a week or so, we’ll give you a custom, detailed report of where you can decrease your energy costs and how much you can expect to save.


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Our Energy Efficiency Professionals do the necessary swaps, tweaks, and in some cases, complete overhauls to bring your costs way down and your savings way up. We know how to save you money – and we know what it takes to make the most of all of those energy rebate programs. In fact, we guarantee that no one can find more rebates off your project than Verde.


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The bean counters on your team will be jumping for joy from the unexpected savings and your team’s Earth lovers will be singing your praises in no time. That’s because Verde’s solutions are just as good for your bottom line as they are for the Earth.


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