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Situation: Once a Chicago movie theater, Forbidden Root now stands as a beautiful botanic brewery and restaurant in East Village. Verde helped Forbidden Root become more energy efficient mid-December, 2017.

Problem: Forbidden Root required improved lighting and refrigeration especially in their kitchen. Existing fluorescents provided insufficient lighting.

Solution: Verde improved their lighting (interior, exterior, and exit signs) and refrigeration, and installed many control measures such as smart powerstrips and occupancy sensors. LEDs automatically are better suited than fluorescents to provide a better, more evenly distributed light.

Result: LEDs provided brighter and more evenly distributed light to ensure a safer working space in the kitchen. Total project cost was $6,466 with an incentives rebate of $4,573. Forbidden Root saved 31,877 kWh annually as well as $2,623 in costs per year. The return on investment was calculated at 0.5 years.


Building Type Warehouse
Total Project Cost $5,237
Incentives Rebate $4,315
Reduction in Energy Consumption $1,183 saved annually 10,700 kWh
Return on Investment 9.5 months

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