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Distressed Communities Program

Verde Energy Efficiency Experts is proud to be a service provider and distributor in the ComEd Distressed Communities Program. The program is administered by SEDAC (the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center) and geared to helping marginalized communities reduce energy and operating costs through free products and service offerings. The program offers free lighting kits, as well as HVAC tune-ups and optimization for public buildings within these communities.

Buildings may include: Public schools, Libraries, Post Offices, Police Departments, Fire Protection Districts, Municipal Buildings, Park Districts and Public Works and local, state and federal buildings.

Through this program, Verde can provide lighting kits for direct self install, or we can provide both the lighting and the labor to install using our in-house team, which can be quoted separately.

The program stipulations include that the lighting kits provided are installed within a 30 day time frame from the point of delivery. This might be a reasonable time for some organizations, while some others will find this difficult and in need of assistance to get the installations complete. Verde can assist with installations during those times to assure the project is completed in time for Comed inspection.

Besides lowering energy bills, updating outdated lighting to energy efficient LEDs come with the benefits of lower operational costs, improved aesthetics, lower maintenance and improved safety and security.

Most popular in this program is the Type B lamp, which includes an internal driver in the tube and does not require an LED Ballast or External Driver.

Lighting Kit Measures Include:

Interior LED Lighting

Exterior LED Lighting

Occupancy Sensors

Smart Power Strips

LED Exit Signs

Additionally, HVAC tune-ups and optimization services are also offered.

Please see this map of distressed communities to see if your community is eligible for these free lighting products to lower energy use. 

To learn more about the program, check out this Video

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