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Philips LED & Controls

Why Philips LED and Control Systems

Verde has used a variety of products over our 10 years, from US designed and manufactured, to Chinese imported.  Hands down, the best product in terms of quality, longevity, driver quality and control system is Philips.

Philips recently rebranded to Signify, and includes Philips, HUE, Interact, and Color Kinetics lines.

Unlike most LED Lighting companies, Signify shows a commitment to sustainability with a corporate sustainability commitment.

In fact, Signify reports the following:

sustainability signify

One of our favorite experiences with Philips was their commitment to reducing cardboard in their popular Evokit fixture.  This reduction in cardboard was done by combining fixtures into 4 packs.  Not only does this save waste and recycling costs, but also significantly decreased our shipping costs and onsite time in cardboard management.

philips evokit

Interior Office and Restaurant Lighting


The Philips Evokit is an innovation that continues to delight our customers.  This sustainably focused design allows for a quick installation – often each fixture in less than 5 minutes.  In fact, it can take more time to unpack and work around the cardboard than actually install the fixture.

The Evokit replaces older 2×4 and 2×2 troffer style lighting, common in most offices and commercial kitchens.  The existing lens is removed, older T12 and T8 lamps and ballast removed, and a new fixture is assembled in the old housing.

The quality of light for the Evokit is incredible, and adjustable.  This allows Verde to help mitigate any light output complains, and we regularly commission our lights about approximately 70% output (leaving us room to increase output if needed).

The Evokit LED and driver system is rated at 70,000 hours – almost 10 years if lights are on 100% of the time.

Interact PRO, Spacewise, and EasySense Systems

The Interact PRO is a new Internet of Things platform that allows you to connect each fixture to a cloudbased control and reporting system.  You can schedule lights, track actual usage, report savings, and even see the lifetime usage of each light.  Our favorite thing about this fixture, besides the deeper savings, is the additional incentives available from the utility in Chicagoland.

Spacewise and EasySense are also powerful control systems, although they only are local in their controls.  However, they all integrate together via Zigbee platform and enable a highly functional system.  For example, in our offices, if you trigger one light to come on, they call come on together.  They also incorporate daylight harvesting, meaning that lights will dim when ambient daylight is enough to meet your needs.

Philips FBY and FBX

Philips High Bay Fixtures

Larger Spaces require more advanced lighting, which we depend on several styles from Philips and Signify.

FBY High Bay

The FBY fixture is a high quality fixture with an integrated control system, keeping lighting dimmed or off when not in usage.

High bay lighting that is not converted to LED uses a ton of energy.  They also require a lift for maintenance, and can be expensive to maintain and operate.

The FBY fixture lasts for 70,000 hours, and will even operate longer with sensors and controls to keep them running.

Fluxstream Industrial Fixture

For  lower ceiling applications, we use the Fluxstream fixture.  It can incorporate sensors for both occupancy and daylight harvesting, and make a great solution for low bay ceilings, like a fire station.



LED Tubes and Drivers

Philips has many solutions for more simple fluorescent to LED conversions, including both Type A and Type C LED tubes. Type C includes a new external LED driver, while Type A include a ballast compatible tube for a fast replacement. The Comed Energy Efficiency program has incentives for both applications, helping to make the transition easy.

How it all works

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The bean counters on your team will be jumping for joy from the unexpected savings and your team’s Earth lovers will be singing your praises in no time. That’s because Verde’s solutions are just as good for your bottom line as they are for the Earth.


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