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Situation: Verde visited the Wheeling Fire Department in April of 2008 to provide energy efficient upgrades and utilize grants available through ComEd’s Public Sector Small Facilities Program.

Problem: Their apparatus bay and work rooms were in need of an upgrade. Fire Departments consume a lot of energy due to the nature of them always being open and ready for calls.

Solution: Verde installed new lighting that was brighter than their old setup and choose a bright, white color. They also installed occupancy sensors to auto turn on/off lights in less frequently used rooms. They rearranged the apparatus for more clear visibility, and decreased overall energy consumption.

Result: The total project cost was $5,013.88 with an incentives rebate of $3,797.21. The Wheeling Fire Department saved 47,306 kWh annually as well as $4,258 in costs per year. The return on investment was calculated at 0.3 months.


Building Type Municipal Building
Total Project Cost $5,013.88
Incentives Rebate $3,797.21
Reduction in Energy Consumption $4,258 saved annually 47,306 kWh
Return on Investment .3 months

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